How to pump a fake in Madden 22

Being a good quarterback is not just about being able to move in your pocket and being able to pass on the field with pinpoint precision. Both are important, but sometimes being unpredictable is just as helpful. Here is everything you need to know how to pump fake in Madden 22 .

How to pump a fake in Madden 22

As in the previous iteration of Madden, you can pump scythes at specific receivers on the field instead of just faking the pass. Obviously this can interrupt a lineman’s jump time, but it can also give your catcher the clearance he needs to make a wide shot.

To pump a scythe, you need to double-press the button on the receiver on which you want to simulate the pass. This means that one of the lettered face buttons on the Xbox controller and RB are all fake bomb options. And if you’re on PlayStation, then any of the buttons on the face of the R1 likewise symbol are used for counterfeit bombs.

Just be careful when opting for this as you could accidentally transmit it to the receiver if you don’t press the button again quickly enough. If they are not open, your best option would be to use the dummy bomb to cancel the pitch and hopefully move the defender into a bad position.

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