How AirPods 1 differ from AirPods 2

In 2019, Apple introduced a new version of the in- ear headphones to the market . The company announced the possibility of wireless charging. But, did you fix the errors of the previous model when connecting to the iPhone ? Is the sound better? Let’s figure out these issues and draw parallels in the differences between AirPods 1 and AirPods 2.


The appearance of the device has remained practically unchanged, with the exception of a few details. The company has redesigned the charging case: the charge indicator is now located on the outside of the case.

Another transformation was the movement of the indicator activation button closer to the center. It is difficult to say whether this affects the usability of the device, since it has to be used extremely rarely.

While exploring the difference between AirPods 1 and 2, it’s worth noting that the design of the earbuds themselves has remained unchanged. In order to protect users from counterfeiting, the company has created an additional level of protection in the form of labeling:

  • MRXJ2 indicates that this is the second version of the headphone with a case, in which the wireless charging function is available;
  • MV7N2 marking is applied to the new version of the gadget with a classic charging case;
  • the MMEF2 mark was used for the first AirPods model .

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Battery and charging

You can charge your device through the case. Despite minor changes in the covers of the first and second models, the internal equipment remains the same. But, for a more modern version of the device, you can now buy another case, the charge of which is carried out using Qi technology.

Three variants of the cases are equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the capacity of which is 398 mAh, and also have a charge indicator and a connector for connecting to the mains via an adapter and a Lightning cable. The case is fully charged in 45 minutes.

To charge the wireless model, the case must be placed clearly in the center of the charger and make sure that the light comes on. The Qi case can be used with both AirPods 1 and 2. In this case, the headphones themselves cannot be charged wirelessly.

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Working hours

The device can be used for five hours in audio listening mode or 180 minutes in conversation mode (calls, conferences). Using the device together with a charging case, the battery life lasts almost a day.

Both versions of AirPods use the same battery model, but due to the higher performance of the processor, the improved model of the headphones has an hour longer talk time.

Parameter AirPods 1  AirPods 2
Listening to music 5 o’clock 5 o’clock
Talking Usage 2 hours 3 hours
Charging case features Provides an 11 hour headphone charge Battery life increased to 18 hours

Sound quality

Both AirPods sound reasonably good, delivering good sound volume. Audio plays from iTunes and other online platforms. The device handles the load, and the equalizer automatically adjusts to different types of content. When watching movies, there is a distinct sound and pronounced detail. The difference between AirPods 1 and 2 in this case is small: both generations of headphones have a large headroom. However, using the maximum values ​​can be hazardous to your hearing.

A unique feature of the headphones is multimedia. You can easily watch your favorite TV shows on Apple TV or connect your device to your MacBook for a conference. In the second generation, the same problem with noise cancellation remained. If you listen to music on the subway or on a busy street, be prepared for external interference.

There are practically no global differences in the sound of the two generations of headphones. However, in the first version, emphasis is placed on high tones and bass, and in the second model, a wider soundtrack came to the fore.

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Connection speed

Instead of the W1 chip, the second headphone model uses the H1. This transformation allowed for a connection one and a half times faster and neutralizes audio playback latency by 30%. If in the first model of the gadget there could be difficulties with connecting to a smartphone, in the new modification it is neutralized. AirPods 2 can function exclusively with iOS 12.2, macOS 10.14.4, watchOS 5.2 and higher.


One of the key differences between AirPods 1 and AirPods 2 is the way you control your device. If, in the case of the first generation of wireless headphones, it was necessary to open the case next to the smartphone and confirm the pairing, in the new model it is necessary to configure the operation of the voice assistant. The beginning of the configuration will be the phrase: “Hello Siri.”

Connecting with other Apple devices is similar. After opening the lid of the case, a new Bluetooth device will appear on the screen of the tablet or MacBook. After synchronizing the sound (literally a few seconds), you can start a conference or watch a video.


Considering how the airpods 2 differ from the airpods 1, it is worth noting the new possibilities for working with the voice assistant. In the 2019 version, voice control is fully implemented, while in the first model it was necessary to touch the gadget.

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It is now impossible to buy the first version of the device from official distributors. The prices for the second model of AirPods are as follows:

  1. AirPods with a charging case can be purchased for UAH 5,000.
  2. A model with a case supporting the new charging format is available for purchase for UAH 7000.
  3. A separate wireless charging case can be purchased for UAH 3,000.

If you buy a device for promotional offers, you can save a couple of thousand. If you decide to purchase a device on the secondary market, carefully check the labeling of the headphones and charging case. You should also test the headphones by connecting them to your smartphone.

Considering how the AirPods 1 headphones differ from the more modern AirPods 2, it is worth noting that the second generation of the device is definitely better. But not all the shortcomings of the previous model have been eliminated. AirPods 2 still lacks three features:

  1. Moisture protection.
  2. Noise cancellation capability.
  3. More comfortable fit in your ears.

The device perfectly copes with daily tasks in the form of short listening to music and calls. If you’re looking to buy in-ear headphones, the 2019 model will be better value. If you are thinking about changing the device from the first version to a more modern one, there is no need to spend money and it is better to buy the Pro model right away.

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