How To Check Real Clone AirPods

It is no secret now, the clones of the AirPods are found everywhere and have a design very similar to the original. For this reason you may find yourself buying one of the aforementioned models, perhaps passed off as originals, but in reality fakes. In this guide, therefore, we at notesread will try to show you what are the details to consider and check, in order to understand if they are actually original devices and produced by Apple, or simple fake copies.

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  1. Pay attention to the serial number
  2. Check the packaging
  3. Check the charging case of the AirPods
  4. Inspect the AirPods
  5. Check the software functions

Pay attention to the serial number

Before proceeding and showing you how to recognize if the AirPods are original and how to distinguish them from a fake copy, it is good to clarify a very important aspect, namely the serial number .

The serial number is nothing more than an identification number , which is used to distinguish an example of a series, in this case the AirPods. It is common to think that, in the event that the serial number is valid, you are dealing with an original product.

However, this requirement is not enough to verify the originality of the AirPods, as the serial number can be easily disguised . So, to recognize a fake device, you still need to do some thorough checks, carefully examining the packaging , the case and the earphones .

If you still want to check the validity of the serial number, you can go to the official page and enter the identification number, which is present on the outside of the package, inside the charging case and also in the settings of the IPhone Bluetooth.

First of all, if the three codes are different from each other, it can already be concluded that it is probably a copy. If, on the other hand, they are the same, simply access the Apple support web page, enter the serial number in the appropriate text field and continue with the verification button. This will open the warranty page (obviously only if the AirPods are original). If any errors appear, then they are fake devices.

Check the packaging

The first contact with devices of this type obviously takes place through the sales package. Well, know that already from here it is possible to understand, in most cases, if the AirPods are original or fake. In fact, the Apple box turns out to be treated in detail and of high quality. Therefore, it rarely presents imperfections or errors of different types.

Thanks to the images of Hybrid Hardware , we can immediately notice some differences that should jump to the eye to recognize the fake products:

  • Attention to the label : in non-original products, the label is usually placed centrally and not downwards
  • On a fake package, the font of the text is more marked and the writings are not correctly aligned ; furthermore, the text is completely concentrated on the left side , so the edges are non-existent
  • The packaging of non-original products are often damaged and have imperfections
  • Fake products may also have several grammatical errors
  • Fake products often have a faded, pixelated print
  • The image of the AirPods, which are embossed on the original packaging, is printed and of low quality
  • Another clue to find a fake product lies in the packaging film , which does not appear to be the classic Apple one

However, if everything turns out to be normal, it might be an excellent idea to check inside as well. The Lightning cable should be rolled up and stored perfectly (obviously if not used) and even the instruction leaflets must have the same level of grammatical “maniacal” as the outside of the package. So check thoroughly, because the incriminating mistake will always happen .

Check the charging case of the AirPods

After having carefully inspected the packaging without, however, identifying any defects, it is still a good idea to continue with the verification and take a look at the charging case . So how to recognize fake AirPods or clones from their case?

Taking into consideration the images of Hybrid Hardware once again , it is in fact possible to notice some details that will make you distinguish the original product from the fake one.

  • First, it should be noted that the button on the back of the original case is perfectly in line with the surface; the same thing cannot be said of a fake case , as, thanks to the poor quality, you will notice defects both in terms of the quality of the key and the sound of the click
  • The same can be said for the hinge on the back: on an original case , the metal hinge guarantees stability and precision, aligning it perfectly with the lid; on a fake case , on the other hand, the hinge is of poor quality and in opening / closing it will not guarantee the same feedback as the original one

Inspect the AirPods

As a final step in recognizing fake AirPods is to examine the earbuds directly. In terms of design, all the clones have now reached a very high level, but Apple’s attention to detail is by no means easy to imitate. Immediately after verifying the absence of construction errors, we advise you to check the microphone grid at the end of the “sticks”, as many clones fall into this point.

The original AirPods have an oval retina, while the copies continue to build it in a circular fashion. As for the AirPods Pro , everything is even easier, since the originals no longer have a grid , but the clones keep it anyway.

Furthermore, as you can see from the photo of Hybrid Hardware , the air pressure grids may not be of good quality (or even not present) in the case of fake AirPods. It is also a good idea to also check the quality and resistance of the silicone cover of the AirPods Pro: if it comes off easily or has construction defects, it is almost certainly a non-original product.

Check the software functions

You will surely have seen online that the most similar clones have even managed to emulate the immediate connection via W1 and H1 chips . This is obviously the pop-up that appears automatically when you open the case and bring it close to the iPhone. However, be aware that this is not the only function deriving from this chip. The first thing to do will in fact be to open the settings app on the iPhone, click on “Bluetooth” and immediately after on the “i” to the right of the connected AirPods.

The original earphones have in fact the possibility of customizing the double tap, while the copies only allow you to “forget” or “disconnect”. The AirPods Pro also feature the slide to switch from NC to “ambient” mode . Some clones are able to copy these options as well, but do not guarantee their correct functioning.

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