How to choose an engraver.

Engraver purchase inquiries are popular on the net. Due to its versatility, it can be used to create undercuts on parts, adjusting to the desired size, to process metal or wooden surfaces, and also to decorate the house with unique accessories.

Let’s consider the functional features of the device and determine how to choose the best engraver.

The design and principle of operation of a handheld engraver

In appearance, the device bears a clear resemblance to a large fountain pen, and in terms of its functioning it is more like a drill .

When the device is turned on, the motor starts to rotate the shaft on which the cartridge is installed. The latter rotates the used attachment, which grinds or grinds the working surface. Devices in this category are equipped with collector motors of medium power, designed exclusively for rotating the shaft (there is no impact function, as in a drill or screwdriver ). The chuck in the device is universal and can work with a wide range of attachments, even drills for a conventional drill (up to No. 6).

The motor, spindle and gearbox are located inside the device. To prevent overheating, hot air vents are provided on the case. An impeller is attached to the inner surface, which, while rotating, cools the engine. On the outside of the engraver, you can see the nut that fixes the attachments, the power regulator, the power keys and the device lock. On some models, a hook may be provided to store the appliance by hanging it on a wall or rack.

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What to look for when choosing an engraver?

The model should be chosen based on the options for the intended use:

Parameter Compact device Massive engraver
For what purposes is it suitable Working with accessories, performing small tasks Large-scale work with hard materials (stone, thick metal, etc.)
Number of revolutions per minute 15-25 thousand 30-35 thousand
Power 200-250 W 300W and above
Cooling system Most models lack Reliable design that prevents the device from overheating
The weight up to 1 kg up to 3 kg

In the question of which engraver to choose, take into account the power supply, the presence of such functions as soft start and stabilization of work. More details about them – below in the text.

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If you exercise the device for 4-6 hours in a row, it is better to choose a mains-powered engraver. Such models differ in a number of characteristics:

  • high power (25-30 thousand revolutions in 60 seconds);
  • compact size (weight 0.7-0.9 kg);
  • durable cable (1.5 square mm in rubber sheath).

For work in large rooms or in open areas (for example, for decorating gazebos or facades), an autonomous model with a 1.5-2 Ah battery is suitable. This capacity provides 2-3 hours of continuous operation.

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Smooth start

This function is responsible for limiting the starting current. Due to the limitation, the set of revolutions is carried out gradually. This eliminates the possibility of the device slipping out of the hands during start-up. Soft start reduces the intensity of electrical and dynamic shock, which reduces sparking during starting, and relieves the load on the motor, significantly extending the time of use.

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RPM stabilization system

After the engine reaches the required number of revolutions of the cartridge (in most models within 10 seconds), the system fixes the number and maintains the pace. The function allows you to:

  1. Prevent loss of device performance.
  2. Compensate for engine load.
  3. Increase the current flow proportionally.

This makes it possible to work at the same power for several hours in a row. The speed stabilization system prevents premature wear of components and engine failure. This feature extends the life of the device.

Choosing a quality engraver is a profitable investment in work comfort or a hobby. To make the lesson enjoyable, it is necessary to select the device based on the expected range of work. For metal processing, the best option will be a powerful device with a function to maintain a stable speed (the optimal number of revolutions per minute is 30,000), and a powerful refrigeration system will provide continuous operation for 3-4 hours in a row. For wooden surfaces, engravers with a capacity of 200-230 watts will be optimal.

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