How To Find out Who Made A Fake Facebook Account

How To Find out Who Made A Fake Facebook Account?Do you chat with a person regularly on Facebook and have any doubts if this account is fake or not ? In this article, I have discussed how you can track a Facebook user and find out if the person is a fake Facebook user and this will help you to spot the fake person on Facebook. I have personally experienced that whenever I suspect a person they do not have a DP in the profile nor do they have any ordinary person commenting on their photos as a friend.

There are definitely some fake Facebook account checking tools, but I am going to share the DIYs applying the ones that you will be able to find out a fake account. To identify a fake Facebook account,Just go to that person’s Facebook profile and look for the three most important things: the profile picture, the timeline stuff, and the personal information. If you see something suspicious there you can discover the fake profile. Putting this into practice with a Fakebook profile is not that easy. But, if you want to know how to determine with these, read this guide to the end that I will share in this article.

How To Find out Who Made A Fake Facebook Account.

How To Find out Who Made A Fake Facebook Account?


  • How To Find out Who Made A Fake Facebook Account
    • Tag
    • Privacy
    • Photo album
    • Search the web
    • Chat
  • Other ways to tell if a Facebook profile is fake
    • Verified profile
    • Post
  • How to find the ID code of a fake profile
  • How to find out who is behind a Facebook profile
  • When a fake profile becomes legally punishable
  • How to report fake profiles
  • Conclusions

To verify that a profile is fake or not there is no crystal ball, that is, you will not be able to count on a symbol or something that makes you immediately understand that you are in front of a fake account. In order for you to identify a fake profile from a real one you must necessarily rely on clues , we will analyze five of them to make solving the problem easier.

1. Tag.

One of the clues that can help you understand if a Facebook profile is fake or not is the Tag on the photos . A Facebook subscriber who has never been tagged by anyone, whether in posts or photos, most likely has a fake account. In this particular you must also pay attention to the auto-tags , if a profile tagged itself then from the doubt one passes to the certainty that it is a fake. If you are not well versed on the subject and want to learn more about the concept, read our guide on how to tag yourself on Facebook.

2. Privacy.

We anticipate that although this clue is often synonymous with a fake Facebook profile, you will have to take it with a grain of salt. In fact, an account that doesn’t show the friends section will most likely have something to hide don’t you think? Maybe you are thinking that you too have the private friends section set in privacy, for this reason we give the benefit of the doubt to the possible fake profile, but do not forget that it is still a clue not to be overlooked. Here you will find everything explained: how to hide the list of your friends on Facebook .

3. Photo album.

Both private and public profiles on Facebook have a section dedicated to photo albums and photographs . If this should be completely empty or with a single photo inside it, it is clear that the profile has been created recently and is very likely false. Usually there are photographs that portray a single person or some famous personage from the world of entertainment. Be absolutely wary of profiles of this kind.

4. Search the web.

An extremely easy and useful method to discover fake profiles on Facebook is to search the profile image of the desired person on the web. Just go to Google Images and upload the photo by clicking on the camera icon within the engine. Research. Once loaded, press on search and you will get information about it. If it were to be a fake profile, you would immediately understand it from the sources it comes from. If you have difficulty following these directions, read an in-depth article in this tutorial: how to search by images on Google .

5. Chat.

To trace a fake Facebook profile you can think of writing a message and verify that there is someone you know behind the screen. Try to write messages that can lead you to understand if on the other side there is someone you know, if he does not answer right then you will be sure that the profile is 100% false.

Other ways to tell if a Facebook profile is fake

In the previous paragraph we took a look at what are the most intuitive methods, but as you know behind a fake profile there is someone who does a lot to avoid being discovered. So that you can have more chances to trace a fake Facebook profile, let’s look at alternative methods.

Verified profile

Have you ever noticed the blue check on a Facebook profile picture ? That icon certifies that a profile is verified, that is, it is in the possession of a natural person who has signed a digital contract with the platform and has declared to be the owner of that digital space.


Hardly a real profile writes posts periodically. If you find a post-free Facebook account, you will most likely be dealing with a fake profile. Also pay close attention to the accounts that post consistently, check that they are consistent with what they write in the description.

How To Find out Who Made A Fake Facebook Account;Complete Guide.

How To Find out Who Made A Fake Facebook Account?

How to find the ID code of a fake profile.

Perhaps you have never heard of an ID code , this is nothing more than the number that identifies the account of users registered on Facebook without the possibility of duplication. This code can be useful when you need to report or report the fake profile, since the police or the postal police need this code to understand who is behind the fake profile. How to get it back?

The process of finding pros is really very simple; therefore, before blocking the fake profile, go to the profile that you consider a fake and click with the right mouse button on an empty spot on the page, selecting View source pages in the window that will appear . Some web browsers may say: Html or Show page source .

A section with different codes will open, search for the one with the word ” profile_id ” as you can imagine the code is the figure that will appear after this, for example: profile_id: 1234543210 .

If this is too complicated for you, you can try the Find My FB ID web service . Copy the URL of the suspicious Facebook profile and paste it into the search field of Find My FB ID and immediately after that press the Find Facebook ID button . Wait a few minutes and that’s it. This platform is also very useful for finding the ID of a Facebook page .

How to find out who is behind a Facebook profile

We are sure that there is a lot of curiosity to know who is behind a fake profile, but as we have already anticipated, the crystal ball does not exist. Unfortunately, unless the creator of the fake profile is exposed it is impossible to know who is behind the screen with their first and last names.

One last attempt you can make to find out who is behind a Facebook profile is to ask the person you consider a fake to provide you with proof of their real identity .

Try asking the suspect to chat a picture of them with a handwritten piece of paper :

  • His name and surname.
  • A date and time that you will establish.

For example: Mario Rossi, Monday 13 December 2021, 12:09 pm .

How to report fake profiles

If you are worried that this account has hacked your Facebook profile , one wonders what are the ways to report a fake profile right? You have two solutions, one more invasive and the other less invasive: report to the postal police or report to Facebook .

  • Report to the postal police: by keeping the screens and writing down the ID code you can report your problem directly to the agents in charge through a report. Go to this page , and go to the Report Online section . Fill out the form with all the required details and press the button Send the signal .
  • Report to Facebook: even the blue platform has its own internal guardian, just go from your PC to the Facebook page of the fake profile and click on the button with three horizontal dots , next to the Message button . From here you will see the Find support or report profile option . A window will appear with Send report and several options. Choose the one you think is right, Facebook will ask you the reasons and the type of annoyance you have suffered. Submit everything and let the platform do the rest. The same procedure is also provided by the Facebook app on mobile devices.


Creating fake profiles goes against the conditions of use of the Facebook service , which is why the offending person could be a hacker, a cybercriminal or a spammer, the advice, however, is never to accept friend requests from unknown people without having first visited the profile.

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