How to delete the Reels that are in Instagram drafts

There is something that we know you should love about Instagram, and we are sure it is its ´ Reels ´. This is one of the new features of Instagram, which t and consent to record short videos . At first these videos that you can record on Instagram through ´Reels´ were 15 or 30 seconds long. Now it can be 60 seconds. Wonderful! But if you are one of those who has never created one and want to know where this function is located, you just have to open the Instagram App, enter the camera and choose at the bottom of the screen, next to Stories, the option that bears its name ´Reels´.

If you want to know more about this Instagram function, such as: How to create a Reels, ‘Where is a Reels saved when you send it to drafts, how long do your drafts stay there on Instagram and how to recover a Reels from’ drafts’ we invite you to continue reading this article.

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  1. Where is a Reel saved when you send it to drafts?
  2. How long do your drafts stay there on Instagram?
  3. How to recover a Reel from ‘drafts’?

Where is a Reel saved when you send it to drafts?

Before you know ‘Where a Reels is saved when you send it to drafts’, it is important to explain how these short videos are created . To which you can also place texts, go up and down the speed. You can also place music, sounds, filters, effects, among others. These will be explained later in more detail.

For this reason, it is essential to explain beforehand, the simple way of its creation , so follow these steps: first, open the Instagram application, enter the camera and select the option at the bottom of the screen, next to Stories which bears his name ´Reels´. Second, being inside the function, begin to inquire what are the creative tools that it offers you.

You can see these creative tools displayed on the left side of the screen. Here we will show you and tell you how each of them works: the first tool you will see is, ´ Audio and music ´, here you can choose one of the different usable songs that Reels presents to you. You can also prefer a piece of music that you want to play for the 15 seconds or more in the video.

The second is ´ Speed ´, in this tool you can speed up or lower the speed of both the audio and the video , and place it on all the music you chose or only for a certain fragment. The third tool is the ‘Effects and Filters’ tool. This tool is the master of Instagram for Reels. They feature choices of ‘ Effects and Filters ‘ outlined and created by the ‘ instagrammers ‘ community. Reels offers you super classic filters and with elevated reality functions, better than other social networks.

The fourth tool is the ´ Timer and countdown ´ this allows you to institute a limit of how long you want the video to last or start a countdown to record hands-free. The fifth and last tool is the ´ Alignment ´ that is deliberate to order all the clips so that the evolution between them is clearer.

The third and last option for creating a ´Reels´ is to Record and share, this makes it easy for you to publish it in the WhatsApp status . Once you have chosen the creative tools, the next thing you should do is record the video or videos, see the result and share it on the Instagram social network. In case your account is public, the ‘ Reel s ‘ will be shared in the Explore mechanism. In that part, anyone will find it according to the hashtags and also the songs or the effects you used. On the other hand, if your account is private, it will only be shared on your network.

Now if we go on to explain ´ Where is a Reels saved when you send it to drafts ´. And it is very important to know, since in case you love to prepare your Instagram videos in advance, the ‘erasers’ are the right place to save them. And the fact is that there are many members who do it, because they mostly publish videos for themselves or commercial videos for business jobs at low prices and thus they do not “spend money on a social media marketing platform.”

So preparing videos in advance is an effective way to use the free time you have, while preparing for those days when you won’t have enough time. Hence the fact, that you have to find the place where the reels are kept when you send it to drafts. So you just have to keep reading this article so you can find out : First, you should know that the Reels video is automatically saved in your own Instagram account.

Second, to enter the place where said Reels video will be saved, you just have to open your profile. Third, click on the same Reels. Fourth, click on the option Elections, which are 3 parallel lines placed one on top of the other. Fifth, you will see the published Reels and the drafts or saved. Sixth, press it and there will appear a folder with the saved videos. Ready, you have already found the place where a Reels is kept when you send it to drafts.

How long do your drafts stay there on Instagram?

When this new Instagram feature called Reels came out, the duration time to record the video was 15 or 30 seconds. Now with the new amplification of the Reels , they can last you 60 seconds. As once, this was updated and brought to the same level in the form of short TikTok videos, it is important to note that now you can link your Instagram account with TikTok . Which by the way, recently, the latter was updated again, and now the duration of the video can be a maximum of up to three minutes.

The above comes out, because many times there are videos that we would not want to last a short time, that is, only 24 hours of showing to the public what it lasts. Therefore, Instagram always works to implement improvements in this social network. And the last thing he has presented to us is the recycling bin that we find in affluent Apps.

However, now said recycling bin appears in this App to allow us to rescue those photos or videos Reels that have been deleted manually or automatically and remain there for a maximum of 30 days . It should be noted that this particularity has been made a short time ago and that perhaps it has not yet appeared in your Application. So proceed to update it, if you haven’t already.

How to recover a Reel from ‘drafts’?

There are reels that we record that are unforgettable for us, and that we have learned that many of our contacts have liked them. If that is your case, you may want to know How to recover a Reel from ‘drafts . To do so, all you have to follow are these simple steps: Enter your profile. Click on the Reels icon next to Stories.

Later, click on the Elections option, which are 3 parallel lines placed one on top of the other. At this point you will see the published Reels and the drafts or saved. Click on this option and there will appear a folder with the deleted videos. Proceed to click on the one you want to recover and it will let you edit it again from where you had deleted it.

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