How to save Instagram Stories in drafts

Preparing the IG Story, saving it as a draft and publishing it later: here’s how.A big news has arrived on Instagram : now the Stories can be  prepared, saved in drafts and published at a later time . Here’s how it’s done.

Instagram is constantly updated and periodically adds new features and options to improve the user experience on the app. Among the latest news, the arrival of the Reels , the possibility to directly share tweets in the Stories and to know what is missing before a Story disappears . From July 2021 it is instead possible to save the Stories in drafts and then publish them at a later time, already ready.

  1. How to save Instagram Stories in drafts
    1. How to publish a draft Instagram Story
    2. How long do the drafts of the Instagram Stories last

How to save Instagram Stories in drafts

The steps to take to save an Instagram Story as a draft are very simple and fast. All you have to do is:

  • normally prepare the Story with photos, videos, tweets, songs, what you want to publish making any changes (add stickers, polls, music …)
  • click on the “X” at the top left
  • click on “Save draft” in the screen that appears:

How to publish a draft Instagram Story

The Story saved as a draft will appear in the Drafts section. To find the Drafts section you just have to open the normal section for uploading Stories, and click on the images icon at the bottom left (the same one you click when you want to upload a photo or video from the phone gallery).

At this point the screen with the Drafts section opens, from which you can see all the Stories saved by clicking on “Manage”.

The screen that appears when you click on Manage is this:

From here you can choose the Story to be published among all those you save in draft, just click on it, and click on “Send”.

How long do the drafts of the Instagram Stories last

Saved drafts last 7 days. After 7 days from when you save the draft, it will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to recover it. The days until the deadline are always reported by Instagram, so that you can realize how many days you still have available to publish it.



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Sharing TikToks in Stories on Instagram: here’s how

TikTok videos in IG Stories: here’s how to share them from one app to another

08/07/2021- Francesca Redazione

If you are wondering how to share a TikTok in your Stories on Instagram , in this article you will find the complete guide with the steps to take, all simple and intuitive.

Every day on TikTok millions of users express their creativity and personality on TikTok , sharing videos of any kind: from acting, comedy or drama videos, from choreography, to trends, to personal life experiences, to recipes. Very often we see a video that is particularly funny, or that deals with an interesting topic, or that we simply like a lot, and we want to share it in Instagram Stories. Here’s how to do it.

Share TikTok in IG Stories

Sharing a video from the TikTok app to Instagram in Stories is very simple. All you have to do is:

  • open the video you are interested in sharing on TiKTok
  • click on the arrow at the bottom right


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