How to delete sheets from Word?

Word is one of the best known and used word processors and editors in the world. The Word text editor is known anywhere in the world and despite the years that have passed, it seems that it will continue to be one of the most used by all of us and we can find it on many computers. However, you may have some other problem when using it, in the article below we will focus on how to eliminate a blank sheet and the shortcuts you can use to solve this problem.

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  1. What is the easiest way to delete the Word sheet?
  2. Learn how to remove blank sheets step by step
  3. What are the shortcuts to be able to delete the Word sheet from my PC?
    1. [Ctrl] + [Shift] + 8
    2. [Ctrl] + [I]
  4. Main commands that will help you perform well in Word from your PC
    1. Ctrl + A
    2. Ctrl + B
    3. Ctrl + C
    4. Ctrl + D

What is the easiest way to delete the Word sheet?

When doing a job in Microsoft Word you may have found yourself when reviewing it with blank sheets and you do not know how to eliminate it or why they appeared, this can be caused when when editing the document, added paragraphs, page breaks or sections of the sheet and also with the creation of tables. An easier way to remove blank sheets or pages is by placing the cursor at the beginning of the blank page and pressing the Backspace key that is identified on the keyboard by an arrow pointing to the left.

Learn how to remove blank sheets step by step

The first step you must take to eliminate the blank page is to go to the menu at the top where the rule is located and then select the “Home” tab , in the area with the name “Paragraph” you must click on “Show all” , which is represented with the symbol “¶” with this you will be shown a series of signs and you will know why the blank page has been created. The next thing to do is choose the pages you want to delete and press the “Delete” key.

It should be noted that to eliminate a blank page after making or combining a table  you must press the command “CTRL + M” which will open a window titled “Source” , in the “Effects” section you will find a series of Unchecked boxes, you must check the box “Hidden” , when doing so, the space that is created when making a table is not eliminated, but it hides it which may be the cause of creating a new page or blank sheet that does not we could eliminate.

If the sheet that we want to delete is in the center of two sheets, go to the upper ribbon of the Word menu to the “View” tab, there in the area called “Zoom” you must mark “Several pages” , with which you will get a Panoramic view of your document with which you will see more easily the blank sheets that you want to eliminate. Then go to the “Home” tab , in the “Paragraph” section, activate the “Show all” option “¶” , in this way you will be able to observe the spaces located on the blank pages identified by points. With the cursor, underline those spaces or points that are shown on the sheet as you would with a fraction of a text, press the Delete or Backspace key and the sheet will be eliminated, to finish, deactivate the “Show All” option again.

What are the shortcuts to be able to delete the Word sheet from my PC?

The shortcuts or commands that you can use in Word such as copy, paste , as well as those that we use to delete sheets in Word are the following: just click CTRL + End, using the arrow keys to go to the end of the page and press the Backspace or Backspace key so we will delete the added sheet.

Another way is to activate the option “Show all” with the command CTRL + SHIFT + 8 choose the marks that you observe on the page to be eliminated and press the DELETE key, which will erase them until reaching the beginning of the page or underline all with SHIFT + DEL then press Backspace or Backspace to delete what you underlined and press it again once you are at the beginning of the page to delete it. To hide a paragraph that is obtained when making a table, press CTRL + D with this shortcut you will be able to eliminate the blank page that was added when creating the table. With CTRL + I you just have to enter the number of the page to delete and press Enter.

[Ctrl] + [Shift] + 8

This shortcut works to activate or deactivate the Show all option, with which you will see on the sheet the spaces that you made in each word of the paragraph.

[Ctrl] + [I]

This is the Go to … Option with it you will open the Search and Replace window, so it will be very easy for you to delete one or more sheets.

Main commands that will help you perform well in Word from your PC

With the commands you can perform a large number of functions that will be very useful when using Word, thus improving your writing speed, so it may be of interest to you that you know some and know what their function is.

  • CTRL + L works to replace or substitute a word.
  • CTRL + M its function is to change the type of printing.
  • CTRL + N to activate bold.
  • CTRL + X to cut a word or paragraph.
  • CTRL + Y with it you restore the last change you have made.
  • CTRL + Z to undo the last change made.
  • CTRL + Q with it you will align the text to the left.
  • CTRL + E with it you will select all the text made in Word.
  • CTRL + G to save the document.
  • CTRL + H to calculate the text.
  • CTRL + J to justify.
  • CTRL + K to activate italics
  • CTRL + P to print.
  • CTRL + R to close the document made.
  • CTRL + S to underline text.
  • CTRL + T to align the text in the center.
  • CTRL + U to open a new document.
  • CTRL + V to paste some text that you have on the clipboard.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + F to change the font that is used.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + W to use the document styles.
  • CTRL + SHIFT +>: to increase the font size by one point.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + <: to reduce the font size by one point.
  • CTRL ++: to access the superscript.
  • CTRL + (: hide or show the symbols found in the text.
  • CTRL + 1 single line spacing.
  • CTRL + 2 double spacing.
  • CTRL + Home to place the cursor on the home menu.
  • CTRL + Page Up to return to the previous page.
  • CTRL + Page Down to advance to the next page.
  • CTRL + ALT + R with the you place the trademark symbol.
  • CTRL + ALT + T for the trademark symbol.

Ctrl + A

This is to open a Word file without the need to exit or minimize it there, you will see the documents that you made with Word that you cannot find.

Ctrl + B

This shortcut works for you to perform word searches that way it will be easier for you to find a word and the number of times you used it in the writing of the document.

Ctrl + C

With it you will be able to copy the text you marked quickly and you will not have to write the one word or the paragraph again.

Ctrl + D

With it you will be able to align the text or content to the right is a mode used in the headers, footers and with wording whose content is little

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