How toremove watermarks to my Excel

Spreadsheets are undoubtedly one of the computer applications that has facilitated part of our daily lives, since it allows us to process large amounts of data in a fairly fast time, which saves us a great amount of time and allows us to make decisions. much more successful. This processing power together with the practically infinite modifications at the format level that can be made, allows for professional finishes.

If we want to give it a much more professional finish that allows us to distinguish our work, we can place some watermarks , this can help make our work more difficult to copy. If you still do not know what a watermark is, it is a text or identification that is placed in the background of a manuscript or image, without affecting its readability, which allows to know the creator of that content.

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  1. What are the advantages of using watermarks in personal and work documents?
    1. Maximum customization
    2. Make a professional impression
    3. I completely avoid any type of plagiarism
  2. What is the way to add a watermark to your Excel files?
    1. If you want to add them in text
    2. To put an image
  3. How do you remove watermarks in an Excel spreadsheet?

What are the advantages of using watermarks in personal and work documents?

Maximum customization

Adding this type of badges to your creations can print the style you want, since the watermark can be a name, but it could also be a logo / seal that allows you to distinguish yourself from other people.

Make a professional impression

Placed in a good position and with the correct format, the watermark will give a professional finish to your documents, without having to invest a lot of time and / or knowledge.

I completely avoid any type of plagiarism

By placing a watermark on an Excel file, you are indicating and telling the world that the content of the document in question is 100% original and of your authorship. So you must make sure that you have the correct references and citations. Since by affirming the authorship of a document and not being it, it can bring you legal consequences on the part of the original author. But it will also allow you to be protected and prevent your writing from also suffering from plagiarism.

What is the way to add a watermark to your Excel files?

Adding a watermark to an Excel document is quite simple and it will not take you more than two minutes of your time to place it. To do this, you must choose whether the mark you will place will be a text or an image, since the procedures differ slightly in the steps, but nothing complicated. Then we present the two options so that you know a way to place both in case you need either of the two alternatives.

If you want to add them in text

To add a text that can be your name, that of the institution where you work or the initials of any of these options, you just have to follow the steps that we present to you immediately:

On the ribbon, go to the tab called ‘View’ , once in it look for the button called ‘Page Layout’, on the right side of that button you will see the ‘Show’ menu in which there are some small boxes that can or not be checked, verify that the option corresponding to ‘Grid lines’ is not selected.

You will notice that the interface of the screen changes , the layout per sheet appears and the distribution of cells is shown on each of the pages of the Excel sheet. At the top of the page, above the cells you will see some sentences that say ‘Click to add header’, select this option and a table of one row by three columns will appear.

Select the center column and write there the text you want to place as a watermark , you can give it the format you want, as well as the spacing, until the text is in the position you want.

To put an image

If you are a person who prefers images instead of text, the procedure to place that as a watermark is very similar to that used to place text. By clicking on the header area, we go to the second column of the header table (the middle cell), then in the ribbon there will appear a tab called ‘Tools for the header and footer’ in the apart ‘Design’ find a button named ‘Image’ and select it.

A box will automatically appear where they will indicate an option to insert the file called ‘From file’, immediately a window will appear in which you will access the file explorer system in which you can search for the image of your choice. Find it and then click the ‘Open’ button. The image will appear as a watermark, adjust it according to the format you want. And voila, you have your watermark.

How do you remove watermarks in an Excel spreadsheet?

If you have already placed a watermark on an Excel document and you want to delete it to place a new one or change it, you have to follow the following steps. Select the text or image set as a watermark, then you can click the ‘Backspace’ or ‘Delete’ button and voila you will have effectively erased the watermark from the document in question.

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