How to delete photos for everyone in WhatsApp group chat?

Sending multimedia messages by mistake to family, friends, or work groups is quite common, especially if you are one of those who participate a lot. The solution to this problem is easier than you thought, because if you want to quickly delete the message you sent by mistake so that no one can see it, just follow the steps to the letter:

  1.  Select the “trash can” icon
  2. Once done, select “delete files from this chat”
  3. Finally, select “delete for all”

Now, even if you have deleted the photo within the reasonable time that WhatsApp gives us, you must remember that it may continue to appear in other places, such as the receiver gallery , especially if your mobile has an “IOS” operating system. Therefore, we recommend that you be careful when sending your messages.

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  1. What is the time limit to delete a message for everyone?
  2. How to delete a multimedia message for everyone on WhatsApp?
  3. What are the disadvantages of sending multimedia files?
    1. Automatic download
    2. Loading time

What is the time limit to delete a message for everyone?

The time limit to delete messages “for all” in WhatsApp is 4096 seconds, or more specifically, one hour and just over eight minutes . Although this time gives us the opportunity to delete what we have sent by mistake, to a chat or group, it does not guarantee that the recipient (s) will not read it.

This is because, once the message is sent, it will arrive almost immediately to the receiver who, likewise, is likely to read it as soon as it will be delivered (unless it is without internet connection or without coverage) if this is the case, With complete peace of mind, you will know that you were able to delete your message without the recipient having read it.

How to delete a multimedia message for everyone on WhatsApp?

Deleting multimedia messages in WhatsApp is really simple, it is enough to do it following a not complex but necessary procedure so that our message is successfully deleted in the chat or group to which we have sent it, to do this, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application, enter the chat or group to which you sent the message.
  2. Once the multimedia message is located, press and hold the message (they can be one or more)
  3. Once selected, choose the “trash can” symbol and press the “delete for all” option.

Remember that, for your message to be deleted correctly, it is necessary that both you and the recipient have the most up-to-date version of WhatsApp. It is also important that you know, if the recipient of the message you deleted has a mobile with an “IOS” operating system, that is, they have a mobile brand “IPhone”, it is possible that the deleted multimedia will continue to be seen in their gallery.

What are the disadvantages of sending multimedia files?

Sending “multimedia” files via WhatsApp can cause obstacles when it comes to deleting them, this for two reasons, firstly, due to the “automatic download” that is usually activated by default to download all files (including multimedia such as photos or videos) if your mobile is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Secondly , because of the loading time , because thanks to the speed of the WhatsApp servers, the files we send reach their recipients almost immediately (unless they do not have access to a Wi-Fi network, or have the phone turned off) This can represent a great obstacle when sending messages that we did not want to be seen.

Automatic download

The “Automatic Download” tool is a really big obstacle, it is usually activated by default on our phones , which means that all the files (photos, videos, voice notes) that we send are received immediately by the receiver as long as you have a connection to a Wi-Fi network.

Therefore, if we want to delete messages, the “automatic download” can represent a big obstacle, because although we can delete our messages “in time”, if the receiver has this option activated, it is quite likely that he will see the file that he we have shipped even before being removed.

Loading time

The upload time of files, especially if they are video files, is usually considerable. This can be a big obstacle when wanting to delete the multimedia files that we have sent, as we will not be able to do this until the file has completed its upload successfully.

Not being able to delete our sent files almost immediately, represents a big problem in most cases, since the full load of our file can be slower or faster (depending on our Internet speed), which delays our elimination, and in most cases, it causes the recipients of that file to have time to view it before we even realize that it has already loaded and we can delete it.

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