How to disable Like App Notifications

Like App is an application that allows us to demonstrate our creativity by making videos in a very simple way and that we can also download to our mobile which makes it an attractive alternative to create. Of course, the more entertaining and shared our videos are, the more people will be able to indicate that they like it and therefore the more Like notifications we will have , which at some point will become annoying, these notifications also arrive when someone we follow is public. That is why in this article we will show how to permanently deactivate Like notifications.

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  1. What to do to mute notifications from the Like app?
  2. How to disable notifications in the Like application?
    1. From the app
    2. Application settings
  3. What is the way to disable notifications temporarily?

What to do to mute notifications from the Like app?

To silence Like notifications, we must enter the settings for this we click on the gear wheel on our mobile device that is in different positions depending on the manufacturer, when we see the options we must look for the option ‘Applications or Notifications’, then we click in ‘Notifications’.

Here we will be able to see all the applications whose notifications we can eliminate, which remains for us to move the button to deactivate the notifications, this procedure will silence  the notifications of all the applications.

How to disable notifications in the Like application?

The only way for notifications to reach us is if we have the application configured in such a way that it allows us to receive them, but Like allows us to broadcast live and is characterized by its ease of use and how easy it is to manage its configuration, we will explain below the procedure for silencing notifications.

From the app

To silence Like from the application, simply open the application and click on the photo of our profile , this can be found in the left corner at the top of the screen, right next to the ‘Follow’ section, by clicking There, some options will be displayed among which we will look for ‘Settings’.

Within the ‘Settings’, we are located in the first option’ Notices’, we press there and we will see the like videos in the google play application store and with the applications that Like App does, there we can deactivate, for example, ‘People Videos I Follow ‘,’ New Post of the Hashtag that you follow ‘,’ You have New Followers’, ‘You have New Followers’ and any other option that we can deactivate other than not receiving notifications.

Application settings

To deactivate the notifications of the applications from the mobile settings, it is enough to enter the cell phone settings , for this we must slide our finger down the screen to discover the task bar, there we will look in the upper right part for the icon with gear shape and press it to enter the settings.

Once inside, we will see the different options for the configuration of the phone, what we must do is slide the options up until we find the option ‘Notifications and Control Center’, here we will also see several options but the one that interests us is the option ‘ Notifications’ , so we click there and we will see a list of all the applications.

Right next to each application we will see a sliding button that will allow us to activate or deactivate the notifications for any of the applications installed on the mobile, as we want to deactivate the Like notifications , what we do is slide up until we find it and move the button to left to disable notifications for this app.

What is the way to disable notifications temporarily?

To temporarily silence the Like notifications, although we can also delete an account,  we must enter the application, then we must move to the settings, for which we will enter our profile , within this menu we must locate the one related to the notifications and we click there, in this section we will see several very useful options that allow us to configure the application so that we can customize it.

Here we will find an option that will allow us to control the time we want the notifications to be inactive, once we select the time , the notifications will be completely silenced during the entire period of time that we have selected, thus preventing these annoying notifications from reaching us all the time .

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