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Sometimes it is more convenient to communicate with your friends in the multi-user chat mode, rather than write to each one individually. All existing instant messengers have the function of creating a group chat, Instagram is no exception.

There are situations when the purpose of creating a chat is no longer relevant. Let’s figure out how to leave the chat on Instagram and remove any of its participants.

How to exit a group conversation

To begin with, let’s consider the option of exiting a group chat using an Android smartphone.


  1. So, open Instagram and go to the communication section named by the developers as Direct. To do this, tap on the corresponding icon in the corner of the screen.
  2. Next, you need to go to the desired group chat. It looks like several miniature avatars of the members.
  3. While in the chat window, you must select the exclamation mark, it will open the extended menu.
  4. It remains to scroll the list that appears all the way down and select the ” Leave chat” item .

It is worth noting that if you are its creator, you will have the option to completely delete the chat. You can see how the option looks like in the screenshot below.


When using an IOS phone, there are several differences in the layout of the items. Let’s consider the option of exiting a group conversation using the IPhone.

  1. First you need to go to the correspondence. Select the paper airplane icon in the corner of the screen.
  2. We open the chat we need.
  3. Once in the communication section, you will need to click on the exclamation mark icon in the circle.
  4. It remains to select the item ” Leave the correspondence“.

A computer

In order to end participation in any group, do the following:

  1. Open the group you need and go to the advanced settings by clicking on the exclamation mark icon in a semicircle.
  2. On the page that appears, select the ” Leave chat” item .

How to remove a person from a chat

It is worth noting that to exclude any member of the group, you must initially be its creator. Otherwise, the only option would be to block his account.

On the phone

Consider the option of deleting a user using an Android smartphone. In the example shown, the Samsung Galaxy s6 will be used, but the location of the required elements does not differ if the operating system is the same.

  1. After opening the desired section, tap on the icon that opens the settings.
  2. A list of all participants will appear here, click on 3 dots next to the person’s nickname.
  3. The item we need is called ” Delete user“. After clicking on it, the person will leave the chat and will not be able to read and write messages.

A computer

For some reason, the developers did not add the option to exclude a participant on the site.

We’ll have to use the android emulator. In this example, BlueStacks will be used .

  1. Open the emulator and launch Instagram.
  2. Next, open the direct and start the desired correspondence.
  3. Go to the extended menu.
  4. Here you need to open the advanced settings for participants.
  5. The last step will be to click on the ” Delete user” line.

Now you know how to leave the chat on Instagram and delete any of the users. We recommend that you periodically clear the list of conversations by deleting inactive conversations. This will help not to clutter Direct with “dead” chats and not get confused among many different windows.

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