How to customize the colors of Android 12

The latest version of Google’s mobile system introduces Android 12’s automatic customization : the AI ​​chooses the colors depending on the wallpaper . And there is a way to manually select what those colors will be, even if they are not on the chosen wallpaper.

With the arrival of the latest version of its operating system, Google introduced automatic interface customization through the wallpaper. The so-called “material theming” , an automated system within the new design rules introduced by Material You , does not always choose the tones that best fit the phone. And, although it allows you to select some variants, you may prefer to choose the accent colors for Android 12.

Choose the color combination for your Android 12 mobile

Background color selector in Android 12 once the tones have been customized

That it is the system that selects the colors has its strengths and weaknesses, as is usually the case. Android 12 usually chooses the color scheme appropriately depending on the background , but it doesn’t always match accent tones precisely. And if you don’t want to go around testing your wallpapers, the LWP + app will be very helpful.


The best wallpapers for your Android mobile

LWP + is an application that enables the customization of colors in the system interface and compatible applications. With it, it is possible to select any wallpaper (preferably static) and then manually mark what the accent colors will be . Then it is enough to select them directly from the wallpaper settings, those of the system itself.

The process to create your own colors is as follows:

  • Obviously, you need a mobile with Android 12 that has “material theming” enabled.
  • Download the LWP + app from Google Play .
  • Open the application, go to “Wallpaper type” and select “Cropped image”.
  • Click on “Choose a different image” and select the image you want to use as wallpaper.
  • Apply the crop you want to your image and click on the crop icon at the top. You may have to give it a second time, don’t worry if it has changed the orientation of the crop (it actually doesn’t, it’s vertical).
  • Make sure the “Select background color” is black and that you check the “Use custom colors” box.
  • Now select the three shades for your Android 12: access “Primary color”, “Secondary color” and “Tertiary color” and select the colors.
  • Apply the changes to your wallpaper with the upper button “Set as current wallpaper” and set the wallpaper.
  • Now go to the Android 12 wallpaper and theme selector and select the color scheme you chose. By default, the primary color is applied as the accent tone.

This app is perfect for those who want to configure their Android 12 phones with accent colors and who also do not want to waste time checking that the system has chosen them correctly . LWP + is a free app and has an ad to pay for the development.

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