How to Create Happy Birthday Stories on Instagram

One of the best displays of affection for those closest to us is to show others how much we appreciate them and remember important dates such as their birthdays. Fortunately, social networks allow us to do both very easily; so we will teach you how to create cute congratulations stories on Instagram .

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  1. Where to get suitable Instagram backgrounds for a happy birthday?
  2. What pages can you use to see incredible ideas for your birthday Insta stories?
    1. Pinterest
    2. The Fancy
  3. How to share your Instagram happy birthday stories on other networks?

Where to get suitable Instagram backgrounds for a happy birthday?

Social networks have made our lives easier in many ways if they are used well. They can remind us of the birthdays of our friends and allow us to create virtual cards to congratulate them and share them so that everyone else can see it. Instagram is one of these networks that make life easier for us to be able to give them a small gesture of affection on a person’s most important day, and of course, it offers us the necessary tools to do so.

Although the same social network already offers us predetermined funds for birthdays , which will be at our disposal to use them at any time; sometimes, the options are not usually enough or they are not to our liking, because “For tastes, colors”. Despite this, the Instagram birthday backgrounds, although they come with an already established design, it is possible that we can make some small modifications to them to suit our needs.

If you are still not convinced by the designs that the social network already predisposes, you can even make them yourself . To do this, you will need an editing and design program such as Photoshop, although this program is more oriented to professionals, so its use is usually somewhat difficult; Another very popular option is Canva, you can use it directly from the browser and it is quite simple and easy to use.

It should even be noted that through this same platform (Canva), it is possible to already get several “happy birthday” backgrounds to use on Instagram ; This is not the only option, because by doing a search on the web, you will get thousands of results in a few seconds. On Facebook you can also get some designs, although both networks are related to each other, there will be some different birthday backgrounds that you can use on Instagram.

What pages can you use to see incredible ideas for your birthday Insta stories?

Simply find the background of your choice, make a photo collage if you want, tag the person and just by touching the screen, you can share your congratulations through Insta Stories. The difficult thing is usually in choosing the right wallpaper, as we have already mentioned or getting ideas of filters and effects for the stories .

Although there are endless pages and platforms that will offer you a very wide catalog of happy birthday backgrounds for Insta Stories; there are two that are the favorites among users when looking for the correct design.


Pinterest is a well-known platform that works as a specific social network to share images, and that users can have them as part of their collection, whether they are their own or from third parties. Here it is possible to find Wallpapers for our computers, cell phones; images to share on Instagram stories , WhatsApp, Facebook. Even without having an account or being registered.

But the most important thing for the theme that happens to us, birthday backgrounds to use in Instagram stories ; We can find hundreds of designs of a user that we can download and use without problems, as long as we have a Pinterest account, we also have the other funds of other users that we can also use for ourselves.

Without a doubt, Pinterest is one of the first options to use, in case you didn’t like any Instagram birthday background .

These templates are already created and you just have to download them, upload it to your stories, place the photo or photos of the person you are going to use and put their username. Once this is done, you share through Insta Stories and voila, you will have already given a present to that special person.

The Fancy

This platform, in the first instance, is similar to Amazon or AliExpress for buying and selling products; although The Fancy is more specific in terms of household products, appliances and more. However, it is also a social network, in which users can share images (which is one of the main features) and as you already imagined, you can find backgrounds and birthday designs for Instagram .

Like Pinterest, you must have an account to use this. The Fancy may be an alternative in which case the designs of the previous platform, nor those of Instagram end up convincing you.

Beyond these two alternatives, you will have the other results that the web throws at you, so it is more than certain that you will find the perfect birthday background for you and the person you are going to congratulate.

How to share your Instagram happy birthday stories on other networks?

When you have already found the perfect background for you, you have found the photos to place and have tagged your friend; It only remains to share your gift, either public or as a story for your favorite friends , but what if I want to do it on another social network, such as Facebook, in addition to Instagram? It is very easy, as Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp are interconnected, whenever you are going to share a story on any of these platforms, you will have the option of whether you want to share it on all 3, only 2 of them or just one.

In any case, just select the option you want and voila, your happy birthday story will automatically be shared through Instagram and the other networks you have selected.

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