How to celebrate your birthday on Instagram?

Despite the fact that Instagram is a social network that belongs to the same owner as Facebook, they have different functions and utilities. Although this does not limit us to linking an Instagram account to Facebook and get the most out of both platforms.

After making this link, any publication you make on your Instagram account will be reflected in the Facebook account that you have linked. Therefore, they are more likely than when announcing your birthday, many people know about this event. Although of course, everything will depend on how you do it and when you do it .

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  1. What steps do you have to follow to register your birthday on Instagram?
    1. On Android
    2. From iOS
    3. With the website
  2. How can you announce your birthday in an Instagram story?
    1. Use the countdowns
    2. Release the birthday stickers
    3. Create a timeline
  3. What is the best caption to put on your birthday post and congratulate yourself?
    1. Thanks to you
    2. Reflect on life
    3. Dedicate texts to your family and friends

What steps do you have to follow to register your birthday on Instagram?

For certain reasons that we won’t mention, Instagram’s new policies ask its current and new users to put their date of birth on their profile . The good thing is that this can be done from an Android phone, IOS and even from the website through a computer.

On Android

To add this data, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the app and then go to your profile. To do this you must click on the icon in the lower right part of the application. This will have the profile photo that your account has.
  2. Below the section on the number of posts, followers and followed, there is a button “Edit Profile.
  3. When you select it, a format will be enabled that you can edit: Name, Username, Website, Biography.
  4. In the section where it says biography, is where you will add the date of your birthday. Regarding the format, you can choose the one you prefer best

From iOS

Despite the great differences between Android and IOS at the interface level and other aspects, the use of Instagram does not differ in almost anything. So much so that just as you can change the date of birth on your Instagram profile from an Android mobile, just as you can from an IOS device.

With the website

If you are from a computer or laptop, you also have the option of making these changes to your profile despite being the web version. The first step is to enter the official Instagram page and then go to your profile. From here you have:

  1. Right next to your name appears the button that will allow you to edit your profile
  2. Once you select it, all the optionsand the changes you can make will appear.
  3. You do not have to select any other option in the left panel, since by default it will show you just the options that you have to modify.
  4. In the right panel you will see the same fields to modify: Name, Username, Website, Biography, email.
  5. You are located in the Biography fieldand there you put the data of your corresponding birthday.

Keep in mind that, if you want to add emoticons from your computer, you must use an emoticon page. Just copy and paste the emoticon or emoji that you prefer and voila.

How can you announce your birthday in an Instagram story?

If you want your followers to know or be aware of your birthday, especially if it is close, you can choose the following options:

Use the countdowns

Using the countdowns implies making use of the stories and the different tools they have. Both Facebook and Instagram can choose this option , although it is not necessary to use them in stories, since you can also do it through your feed. Everyone is free to choose the method and / or options they prefer best.

Release the birthday stickers

This also falls under the recommendation of using stories as the primary medium to show your birthday. When making a new post on Instagram in story format , select the first option where it says Create.

There you will select the smiling sticker that appears right in the middle of the upper part and this will enable you a series of options. Here you can choose the background color you want, as well as add songs to Instagram stories .

In one of the options, you can place birthday stickers or select the Gif option and do a specialized search. You can do the search in the language you want. Once you have it, you adjust with your fingers the size and the place where it will go.

Create a timeline

Timelines can be done in a variety of ways, but the most common of all is to use the feed to post a timeline, so that followers are aware of what will happen after the timeline ends. If you will use your Feed, we recommend that you plan very well what will be the images or photos that you will use when publishing.


It is recommended that a maximum of 10 photos and images be used, in order to create a mini photo gallery that will show a temporal sequence.

What is the best caption to put on your birthday post and congratulate yourself?

Every photograph on Instagram must have a caption where an idea is specified or in this case, thanks. There are those who choose to congratulate themselves, but this is up to everyone. some ideas that you can use for the captions of your photos are the following:

Thanks to you

You cannot miss the gratitude that you give yourself for having reached the place where you are. To connect with people and that they feel identified with you, we recommend that you tell the facts, the difficulties and how you managed to get ahead to get to where you are, if it is related to the photograph you are publishing , much better.

Reflect on life

The reflections of life are accompanied by a good image with a good concept behind them and a writing that manages to capture the attention of anyone who reads it. We suggest that when writing a reflection, you do so reflecting some type of feeling , be it positive, negative or any other. This will keep people from reading your writing and reacting to your post.

Dedicate texts to your family and friends

Last but not least, are the dedications that our family and friends deserve. Like the previous recommendations, the best thing is that you choose to use photos and images that are related to your writing and the events you are describing.

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