How to announce your birthday on Instagram

If you have an account on the social network Instagram, you can do a variety of things in them. One of these things is to make it appear reflected in your profile when it is your birthday anniversary , so you can celebrate with your users one more year of life without having to tell them one by one about the important event. In the following article, we will tell you how to announce your birthday on Instagram, you can do it with the application, just like on the website.

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  1. How can you put your birthday date on your Instagram account?
    1. From the app
    2. With the website
  2. What is the way in which you can put a countdown to your birthday on Instagram?
  3. How to put an Instagram story with your birthday with a self-congratulation?
    1. Use stickers
    2. Quote a post

How can you put your birthday date on your Instagram account?

Nowadays, the Instagram application allows its users to make mention in their profile of the date they were born , this can be done from the application or even through the website.

From the app

  1. Enter the application. Now go to the icon that will introduce you to your profile. This icon is in the lower right part of your screen, represented with your profile picture on the social network.
  2. You should now look for the option to Edit Profile.
  3. Here you will enter a list where you can modify your name, biography, user, among others.
  4. You must enter the Biography option .
  5. Here you will be able to fill in the format that enables you to indicate the date of your birth.

With the website

  1. Enter the Instagram page in your browser.
  2. Search and enter your profile.
  3. Now you must go to Edit Profile, this is where your username is.
  4. By entering these options, you can Edit everything related to your profile.
  5. Click on Biography to modify your date of birth.
  6. Enter all the corresponding data so that it appears when you were bornon your Instagram profile.

What is the way in which you can put a countdown to your birthday on Instagram?

The Instagram countdown is a sticker that has been created to count the days, hours, minutes or the time remaining for an important event . This way of informing your followers of the moment of your significant date can be used on Instagram as well as on Facebook. To access this option, you need to add new content to your story, be it a photo or video, and this story may have music included .

This sticker will be represented by a clock, from which you can choose its color, shape and, most importantly, the date of the event. In this case it would be your birthday , to access this option you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the Instagram application.
  2. Go to the option to create a story.
  3. Now, go to the gallery to choose your photo or video, or make the story instantly with the Instagram camera.
  4. When you have your item on the screen, go to Create.
  5. You must look for the countdown sticker.
  6. Now, choose the date, which clock you want and its color.
  7. Indicate where you want it to appear on the screen and voila, publish the story on yourInstagram account .

How to put an Instagram story with your birthday with a self-congratulation?

If you want your users to know about your birthday anniversary , since you have seen that placing the date of birth on your profile is not enough or you do not want to perform this action, you can self-congratulate yourself in the Instagram story , do the following ways:

Use stickers

The implementation of stickers is a very good way to convey ideas, nowadays you can even create your own emoticon . You can use one of the elements of the sticker bar to announce your birthday or congratulate yourself, to do so, do it as follows:

  1. Enter the application.
  2. When creating new content for the story, tap Create.
  3. Here you have a variety of stickers to position in your content. Select the ones you think are convenient.
  4. And now you can place it in your photo or video as you wish. You have the option to add some sentiment, music or a type of lyrics to your publication.

Quote a post

Create a new content where you put a caption of gratitude to life , to you or to your relatives who have made you the person you are. You must feel identified with this publication. In this post, your followers will be able to congratulate you through comments. In addition, in the same way that you can add the time to your Instagram story , you can add the exact time when you are making the post that quotes your birthday event.

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