How to create Instagram highlight stories without a name

Although the featured stories were created in order to save our favorite stories, this has changed over time, becoming a powerful tool that grows stronger every day in the digital world. The highlighted Instagram stories without name or title and in white are more those desired by users who seek to promote a brand, product or service on the social network.

We often find Instagram accounts with featured stories whose covers have been designed to attract attention, many times the image says more and does not need a name or title to present it, so learn how to remove the name of the featured stories and leave it blank.

Learn how to create Instagram highlight stories without a name or title under the image

How to make Instagram featured stories without name or title?

You don’t have to be an expert to be able to create Instagram featured stories without a name to “remove the name” and leave it blank, you just have to follow the steps carefully and you will notice how you will get an impeccable account where your covers will stand out without titles.

  1. Access your account on Instagram and go to your profile.
  2. Press and hold the highlight you want to remove the title and name.
  3. Choose the “Edit Featured Story”option .
  4. When you delete the description you want to delete, Instagram will automatically change it backto “Featured”, but don’t worry.
  5. You just have to access this website and wait for the page to load.
  6. A box will appear where you can write, next to it it will offer you the option “select the text”and it will automatically highlight the blank text.
  7. Then go back to your Instagram account and edit the featured story.
  8. Paste the invisible text in the boxwithin the titles of the highlights and press “Done.”
  9. Now your featured stories will appear as if you have successfully removed the featured names.

We recently wondered if if we put a story of best friends in highlights, everyone can see it . Customizing the covers of your Instagram “featured stories” seems unimportant, but these days it has become a fundamental function, used to generate style and coherence to your account. Traditional stories have a duration of 24 hours, while the highlighted ones will appear as long as you want.

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