How to create another account or have two accounts in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is one of the best online strategy titles for mobile. This is so due to the high quality of its graphics and the fun of its battles (plus you can download it for free from the PlayStore ). That is why everyone wants to play this title as much as possible. So with that in mind today you will learn how to create another account or have two accounts in Clash Royale.

And it is that, it is not enough just to have an account and take it to the maximum, if you really like a game you have to have at least two IDs , so you can play in the arenas you want and thus have fun with people of all levels ( which also happened in Clash of Clans) without having to lower glasses.

How to Create Another Account or Have Two Accounts in Clash Royale

How to create another account or have two accounts in Clash Royale?

To get straight to the point you should know that there are two ways to answer the question How to create another account or have two accounts in Clash Royale , both are effective and completely legal, the first of these is through the Supercell ID.

This option is relatively new, so if you are an old user you probably don’t know it. Basically what the company that invented this game did was create a single account for all the games they manage, including Clash Royale.

With this ID you can create another account. You just have to go to the icon that has three horizontal white stripes and press it, this will open a drop-down of options where you must select “Settings”.

Within it, you just have to click the blue ” Connect ” button and it will give you the option of being able to log in with Supercell or register. If you want to create the new account you have to have one already created and be connected to it, because to proceed you must give it to close session in it.

By doing so, the game will restart and you will be able to enter without any account as if you were starting (you must press the gray button to proceed without ID). To save it or finish creating it, you just have to go to the Supercell ID section again and register this account with a new email.

If you want to change your account in Clash Royale , you just have to log out and then click on the green option that will appear when the game is restarted, which will have a button that will tell you “Login with another ID”. In the same way, thanks to the supercell ID, you can also recover a Clash Royale account on Android and iPhone .

Duplicate the application

With the previous method, the question How to create another account or have two accounts in Clash Royale has been answered , but if you are still not satisfied, you can try another trick that was the one I used before having the Supercell ID.

To achieve this you must first download the third-party App Parallel Space- multi accounts in the Google Play Store, once you have it, open it on your phone and follow the basic instructions to configure it.

When you are already on the main screen you will see that it will show you a series of applications on your phone which you can clone, press on Clash Royale and then on the blue button called “Add to Parallel Space”, it will ask you for a confirmation.

This will make it ask you to download another application which is the same but the 64-bit version (since Clash Royale is 64-bit). When you have it open it and choose again Clash Royale and the previous button.

This action will open the game as if you did not have an account so you can enter a new one and play both in your official one and in this copy version (you will always have to get into Parallalel but that is not a problem).

And voila, now you know everything you need to have your two accounts active. So the question How to create another account or have two accounts in Clash Royale ? , is already ancient history. Go to your mobile and start the battle in the arena because creating a free account in Clash Royale is just the beginning of the fun.


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