How to create an account in Clash Royale

How to create an account in Clash Royale.


  • Install and run on the phone
  • Creating a second profile in the game
  • How to change profile
  • Transferring a game account to another mobile device
  • Registration in the game and its launch on PC

Clash Royale is a free multiplayer strategy game for iOS and Android mobile devices. Its gameplay is a war between the royals and their troops (beloved by the characters of the Clash universe). The player’s goal is to destroy the rival king’s towers and destroy his army through his warriors (knights, shooters, dragons, etc.).

In Clash Royale, you can buy individual in-game items, but with real money. In Google Play, in the user profile, on the donate option (purchase of items), you can restrict access with a password for security purposes.

From this review, you will learn how to create a new account in Clash Royale on your phone, tablet and computer, how to register two profiles on one device and how to switch between them without losing the game progress, how to transfer your account to another mobile device.

Install and run on the phone


  1. On the home screen, tap the Google Play icon.
  2. Place your finger on the search bar.
  3. Type the name of the game. Tap its block in the issue.

Note. You can also go to the download page through the game’s offsite Open it in your mobile browser. Tap the “menu” icon and follow the Google Play link in the panel.

  1. On the download page, click “Install”.
  2. When the download is complete, activate the “Open” command.
  3. Wait for the initialization process to complete.
  4. In the “Create an alias” window, tap “Next”.
  5. In the “Alias” field, enter a nickname. If necessary, enable add-ons for search and display of the nickname in the game.
  6. Run the “Create” command.
  7. That’s it! You can start playing. To change the gameplay settings, tap the gear icon. In the setting panel, you can enable / disable music, change language localization, chat filter, etc.


Creating a new account in Clash Royale on iOS mobile devices is almost the same as on Android devices. You can follow the link to the download page in the App Store on the game’s offsite. Or use the search directly in Apple’s online content store.

Creating a second profile in the game

(using Android as an example)

Note. To create another account, you will need another Google account.

If you decide to create a second account in Clash Royale, you need to do the following:

Go to the game settings panel (gear icon).

Make sure your current profile is connected to Google Play. If the “Log in to Google Play” block displays the “Disconnected” status, be sure to enable it (the “Connected” message should appear). The game account must be linked to your Google Play account to synchronize game progress. Otherwise, you will not be able to recover your data when you decide to change the second account to the first again (all your achievements will be deleted).

Now you can start registering a new account. Here, in the settings panel, disable the option “Log in to Google Play” (the inscription “Disabled” will appear).

In the “Select …” window, tap “Another account”.

Enter the login and password of another google account.

Attention! If there is none, you can create it directly in the connection panel. Click on “Create Account” to complete this procedure.

The second profile will be automatically connected. But if you launch the game immediately, it will display the level of achievements of the previous game account. This will happen due to the fact that user data is saved on the phone, in the Clash Royale directory. Therefore, first, before starting the game with the second account, you need to remove the data of the first account.

To clean up:
1. Go to phone settings, select “Applications”.

  1. Tap the name of the game in the list.
  2. In the application settings, click “Erase data”.
  3. Confirm the deletion of the data (select “OK” in the prompt).
  4. Start the game with a new account. If you did everything right, you will find yourself at the very beginning – in the training arena.

How to change profile

Changing the game profile is done by changing accounts (on Android, these are Google accounts). Provided that game accounts were previously synchronized with Google Play.

  1. Go to Clash Royale settings.
  2. Disable linking to Google Play.
  3. Select another account (log in).
  4. In the request “Do you want to download … progress will be lost in the current game”, feel free to choose “Yes”. The data was previously synced with Google Play, so achievements in the first account will not be lost.

If the game shows the progress of the previous profile, use the option to clear application data.

Transferring a game account to another mobile device

  1. Install the game on your phone and run.
  2. Open the settings, disable binding to the current account.
  3. Select “another account” and log in to the account that was linked to the game profile that you want to transfer. After synchronization, the progress will be restored.

Note. If you use the same account on the new device, you do not need to link, the data is synchronized from Google Play.

Registration in the game and its launch on PC

Clash Royale has been adapted exclusively for mobile devices. It cannot be installed on a computer in normal mode. But you can run it in a mobile device emulator (for example, in Bluestacks) installed in Windows.

  1. Go to the bluestacks Android device emulator offsite –
  2. On the main page, click on the “Download …” link.
  3. On the page that opens, click “Download …” again.
  4. Run the downloaded installer with administrator rights.
  5. In the installer panel, click the Install Now button.
  6. When the installation is complete, click Finish.
  7. In the welcome window, click “Start”.
  8. Log in to your Google account (enter your username and password).
  9. Click I Agree.
  10. Go to Google Play. Install and launch the game (see registration instructions for Android phones).

Brilliant victories and great time in Clash Royale!



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