How to look and know the statistics of the cards in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the best strategy games online. This is due to how well the battle system is made and how balanced its balance of cards and levels is. This is why today you will learn to know the statistics of the cards in Clash Royale, in order to create a better strategy.

In a strategic game like this, every factor matters. And one of the most important is the level of the cards and the special characteristics that each one has. Because with that you can build a deck that beats anyone in the arena (hence the importance of getting legendary cards , because of how good they are).

How to Look and Know the Statistics of the Cards in Clash Royale

How to know the statistics of the cards in Clash Royale?

So that you can quickly answer the initial question of how to know the statistics of the cards in Clash Royale? The first thing you have to do is go to your game on your mobile (which you can download from the PlayStore or AppleStore). While there, slide your finger to the left to be taken to the section of the cards.

Before doing anything, it is recommended to change the distribution of the cards to show by quality, since this way they will be ordered in order of importance from common to legendary and it will be easier to navigate through them.

When you’ve done it (not required), stand on a card. You will see that you get a blue box called ” Information ” on which you can click, do it. This action will show you three tabs, in the first there will be a video demonstration of how the menu works.

In the second will be the specific statistics of your selected card, which will be placed as points. At the same time, it will also tell you the points that the creature will obtain if you level it up, and there will be a box where you can see its quality and name.

Within that same section you will be able to notice that there is the symbol of the tournaments, press it if you want to know the statistics of your card when it is in an event of that type (remember that anyone can create or organize a tournament , as well as join one already created , this is advisable to do to test decks without losing cups). Finally, in the final tab there will be a short synopsis or story of the chosen character.

If your letter is to improve then the information box will not appear but will say ” Improve “, if you give it there you will also be able to see the tabs in a normal way as in the previous one.

What are the statistics of the cards?

Now that you have read the information above, the initial question of How to know the statistics of the cards in Clash Royale? , I am resolved, but to give you more knowledge it is time for you to see what the statistics are so that you can create the perfect deck in Clash Royale .

Number one is damage, which is obviously how much your card hits a tower or enemy. Then the damage per second would come, followed by the objective of said card (if it attacks only structures, other characters, among others), then its life points come, and then the range that the card has to attack.

Finally you have the attack speed ( frequency ) and speed (this would be how fast it moves within the field). These statistics are general but each card may have special characteristics or unique attributes that will also be reflected there.

With that, you know everything you need to be able to say that you can find the statistics of the Clash Royale cards and also use them to your advantage in a battle. So the question of How to know the statistics of the cards in Clash Royale ?, is more than answered.

Go to your mobile and open it so you can follow the instructions and finally learn what you were looking for so much. Remember that this game is about strategy so try to form a deck that will help you in any possible situation (also take the elixir into account). And if you want to do even more pro then also keep in mind how often a new card comes out , so you can modify your deck in time.


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