How to have two Instagram accounts on my Android

Instagram is the second largest social network in the world , only surpassed by Facebook, this network is aimed at those people who want to communicate their ideas, digital content, products or services through images and short videos. Probably at some point you want to open an Instagram account or have already done so, since with more than 1.3 billion active users around the world, almost anyone with a mobile phone currently owns an account.

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  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an Instagram account?
    1. Advantage
    2. Disadvantages
  2. What are the benefits of having more than one profile on Instagram?
  3. Procedure to add a new Instagram account
  4. How can I switch from one account to another on Instagram?
    1. How to log out
  5. What is the limit of Instagram accounts that can be had on a mobile?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an Instagram account?

Instagram is a huge platform, which brings with it many advantages that you can take advantage of depending on what goals you have within this social network. If you still do not see clearly the reasons for creating an account, we are going to mention some advantages and disadvantages of having an account on this platform.


  • Instagram is the second most used social network in the world, which puts at your disposal a universe of people who can enjoy your content.
  • If you are the owner of a personal brand, you can project your brand on this platformthrough your advertising campaigns to promote your product or service virtually to millions of users around the world.
  • Instagram is a totally free social network, certainly there is a paid advertising section to increase the exposure of your content, but all the functions of viewing and publishing content are completely free for all users, whether they invest in paid advertising or not.


  • The amount of characters that you can writein the “Caption” or your Instagram post is 2000 characters, so if you want to add too long descriptions to your publications, you will find yourself with this limitation.
  • There is enormous competition, because it is such a large social network, it is to be imagined that just like you, there are also thousands of people creating strategies to grow within this platform and that represents a challenge for personal brands, however, not having an account on Instagram for your personal brand would be more damaging than entering to compete in this space.
  • If you want to keep two accounts active and your followers do not leave, then youwill have to produce more content , which implies twice the time and effort invested in Instagram.

What are the benefits of having more than one profile on Instagram?

  • You can keep your personal profile separate from your personal brand, in the case that you are a person who has developed a personal brand , this is one of the most important advantages that makes many people create a secondary account to share their personal life without affect the content and strategy you are applying to grow your personal brand.
  • You can have an account for each interest. If you have varied and very different interests from each other, such as that you like fishing and are also passionate about race cars, you can have two Instagram accounts and dedicate each of them to a separate interest and theme, of So that the content you share is not so diverse and your followers can stay focused on the content of their interest.
  • You can pay for advertising campaigns from a business account. Returning to the topic of personal brands, you will be able to have access to very useful tools such as the metrics of your audience and access to Instagram advertising campaigns, which you cannot do from a personal account.
  • You can configure the privacy of your accountsto your liking. You can have a private account where you only share very personal content and you will choose who of your contacts can follow you. In a secondary profile you can share content of common interest and keep that profile public so that everyone who wants can follow you.

Procedure to add a new Instagram account

First of all, you must have an Instagram account created , in addition to that, have the official Instagram application installed on your mobile phone, which is available for iOS devices and also for Android devices. In this link you will have access to the official page from where you can select the system of your device and install the application in case you have not done so yet.

Once you have installed your mobile application you must log in with your email and password , now that you are in your account, go to your personal profile in the lower right button within the app, the one that shows your profile picture .

Once you are in your profile you must click on the name of your account which is located in the upper left, and you will see that a small menu appears where you will see a button called ” Add account “, press it and you will automatically be asked that you enter the email, mobile number or username of the account you want to access, write it without errors and press the ” Login ” button . When you do, you will see that you will be within the account you just added, without having to log out of your previous account. It is important that to add a new account in the app this account does not have the two-step verification active , as this complicates the process.

How can I switch from one account to another on Instagram?

Switching between Instagram accounts is very simple, you only have to access the profile of the account that you have selected at the moment and click on the name of your account, you can see it in the upper right part of your profile, when you press there you will see that A menu is displayed where you can see all the accounts that you have added on that device, select the one you want to open and wait a few seconds for the app to load the profile you have chosen.

How to log out

If at any time you want to log out of one of the accounts that you have linked to on your mobile device without logging out of the other accounts , then follow the steps below:

  • Select the profileyou want to log out of.
  • Press the menu in the upper right that has an icon with three lines.
  • Access the ” Settings” option .
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select the option ” Sign out of (name of your account)“.

When you have completed this process, you will see that the account you have just logged out of will no longer be available for switching between synchronized accounts on your device.

What is the limit of Instagram accounts that can be had on a mobile?

Although we can create the number of Instagram accounts we want, as long as they are all with different emails or phone numbers, the Instagram app only allows us to synchronize five accounts on each device , so we must manage those very well. five spaces that we have available.

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