How to Create and Add a Frame to a Facebook Profile Photo Easily

Every human being has the need to communicate, be it by letter, telephone, post or some social network. So much is the boom in the use of social networks that according to surveys conducted in 2019, more than 7.7 billion people use a social network.

It can be said that practically half of the world, that is, 52%, uses either Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram to find out some information, communicate, or publicize their business proposal. And if you don’t have an account yet, you can create and configure an account on Facebook

But what is a social network? It is a tool where groups of people connect and relate to each other on the internet through platforms that are nothing more than social media that give you the opportunity to achieve that interaction.

In these social networks you can communicate and interact with people you know or if you want to add people you want to know, with similar interests, purposes, goals or activities. Despite everything, there are also dangers for the smallest of the house, so sometimes it is necessary to block access to the Facebook application .

In social networks you can find a variety and a large amount of content. Entering a social network is not complicated, you just have to fill out the requirements or the form with your personal data and include a code or password that guarantees that only you can open that social network.

Its beginnings began in the 90s when the web first appeared, allowing many people to access the internet.

The first was created by Randy Conrads under the name Classmates, whose purpose was that university colleagues could connect virtually, obtaining great success, leading to the creation of other networks in order to communicate with family, friends and acquaintances.

Then in 1997 SixDegrees was created, this network made possible contact with other people on the network, create your own profile and even create a list where you included your friends.

Then in 2003 Friendster was born, with it you could have contact with other people online and share photos, links, content even videos.

In 2003 MySpace emerged whose purpose was technology and music. But in 2004 comes Facebook that became the favorite at that time until today.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social network that helps people connect, learn about and share news, information, videos, memories, among others. Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues from Harvard University, who lived in the same room.

As time passed, other students from nearby universities and other people were allowed to enter until today, used by millions of users.

Personally, you can use Facebook to show photos, news, videos , moods as well as the news that most impacted you. You can also use Facebook to promote a service or product in order to publicize your business or organization.

In addition, you have the options to create new groups of friends or acquaintances, create events, pages, make videos directly and chat with whoever you want. In addition to other more advanced options such as  deactivating or blocking comments on photos or Facebook images

How to Create and Add a Frame to a Facebook Profile Photo Easily

Every day that you live you enjoy new experiences and learnings, important moments that you would like to show your family or friends. Next, I will show you how to create a frame for that photo:

Step 1

With your favorite layout tool, create a file in PNG format and then go to

Step 2

Layer the PNG format to achieve the design and click to use it as a photo for the frame.

Step 3

Choose or find the frame in the menu that you like the most to use and hit Enter to save it as your profile frame photo.

Step 4

Visualize in the preview option how your profile frame will look in the different sizes, be it square, horizontal or vertical.

Step 5

Now click on share profile photo frame , so your followers can include it in their videos and photos that they share with others. You will also like to learn how to upload high quality photos to Facebook from PC .


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