How to watch videos in VLC Media Player frame by frame?

One of the most complex jobs to do are those that have to do with video editing, because you have to dictate a large amount of detail in each of the frames. One of the best ways to see every frame of a video is by using a good player and one of the best is VLC.

Soon we will be teaching how you can observe each frame of a video and we will recommend some programs with which you can edit the videos.

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  1. What to do to review and edit each frame of a video?
  2. How to pass a video frame by frame with VLC Media Player?
    1. Use the ‘Frame by frame’ function
    2. Using E key and pressing to switch frames
    3. With the toolbar button
  3. How to place the ‘Frame by frame’ button on the toolbar?

What to do to review and edit each frame of a video?

One of the most important things to know if you are in the video industry is knowing how to view and edit each frame of your videos . This is because by reviewing it one by one you will be able to advise that there is no error or problem in the process of recording said video.

That is why it is necessary that you have a program installed on your computer through which you can view and edit each frame of a video. One of the players from which you can see each frame of a VLC Media Player video is the one that we will be talking about a little later.

But, unfortunately, this player will not help you to edit each of these frames, so you will have to resort to downloading and installing another program , and here we will recommend 2 of the best:

The iMovie program is one of the most useful when it comes to editing videos by frames, since this is because it has many tools that will help you edit the pixels of this video manually.

Windows Movie Maker is also another program that will make it very easy for you to edit the videos by frames , so we recommend that you install it and use it to edit your videos.

How to pass a video frame by frame with VLC Media Player?

The option to move a video frame by frame is very useful when reviewing minute details in a video. This is used most of all when we are video creators for a social network or when we want to detail an important video for us.

As VLC is one of the most used video players in the world, it has this tool and there are several ways to find it from within the player. That is why we will show you the three ways in which you will be able to use the button from frame to frame .

Use the ‘Frame by frame’ function

For frame by frame mode you just have to open any video in your VLC player. Then, when the video is playing, you will click on the small ‘View’ menu that is at the top of the screen .

Here a series of options will be displayed, including ‘Advanced controls’ and you will click on it. Then, to move the video frame by frame, you will only press the option with that name and the video will begin to move that way.

Using E key and pressing to switch frames

This is the most popular way for you to see each of the frames of a video from VLC. You just have to press the ‘E’ key on your keyboard and the video will pause at the frame that was happening when you pressed it.

If you want the video to go to the next frame, you just have to press the ‘E’ and it will go to the next. For multiple frames to pass , just keep the key pressed for as long as you want and it will pass more quickly.

With the toolbar button

In the toolbar you will also be able to see an icon that is the one from frame to frame. This is on the same line as the record button, it is the fourth icon in that row. So that you know what it is, you can place the mouse over that icon and you will see what its function is .

How to place the ‘Frame by frame’ button on the toolbar?

Many times when the VLC program is installed on a computer, you have to enable the frame-by-frame option in the toolbar.

To add it, you will have to click on the tools option at the top of the player screen. Here you will see an option that says ‘Customize interface’ which you will click, here the toolbox will appear .

If the frame by frame button is not in this box you will have to look for it in the section called controls. Here you will take it and drag it to the site where you want it to remain, then you will only have to press the close button and the change will be made.

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