How to configure IPTV lists in VLC to watch live TV

Although many Android and PC users know the open source VLC player as a great application capable of opening practically any video format, the truth is that its powers go much further. We recently mentioned VLC as one of the best IPTV list players to watch live television over the Internet, and today we are going to delve a little more into the subject by explaining how to configure these lists on our PC or mobile phone.

Remember that we can also use the KODI app for the same purpose, so if you have any problem with playing from VLC, don’t hesitate to take a look at THIS OTHER TUTORIAL .

First step: download the IPTV list with the TV channels

Before putting a straw into the player we will have to download the IPTV list that we are going to use to load the television channels in VLC. A good source – which is also completely legal – is the one provided by TDTChannels.

We can access the Github page of the project developed by Marc Vila and see all the available content, or directly download the complete list of open Spanish DTT channels from this other LINK . It is a file in M3U8 format.

It is important to mention that this list is constantly being updated, since the broadcasts made by the different Internet networks change their IP address from time to time, so if at any time we stop viewing a channel, we will have to download the file again. Latest M3U8 from TDTChannels.

Of course, if we have any other IPTV list in M3U8 format, we can also add it to VLC using the same method.

How to Play an IPTV List in VLC (Windows)

Once we have the IPTV file in our possession, we only have to add it to VLC. If we are using the player from a Windows PC, it is something as simple as setting VLC as the default player and double-clicking on the M3U8 file (we can also right-click with the mouse and select ” Open with -> VLC Media Player “, or from the player itself by clicking on the menu button ” Media -> Open file”).

This will automatically load the full list of channels and we will see how the first TV channel in the list is displayed on the screen. To access the rest of the channels, just go to the VLC toolbar and click on ” View -> Playlist “. From here we can switch between the more than 300 channels available on Spanish DTT.

How to load IPTV lists from VLC (Android)

In the case that we are using the version of VLC for Android the thing is just as simple, or even more. Once we have downloaded the M3U8 file , we open the VLC app and from the side menu click on “ Folders ”. We locate the IPTV list that we have just downloaded (usually found in the ” Download ” or ” Downloads ” folder ) and open it.

As in the Windows version, we will see how the first TV channel on the list is automatically loaded. To see and access the rest of the channels, we just have to click on the playlist icon, which appears in the upper right corner of the screen .

If we have tried to play IPTV lists in other applications such as KODI, we will see that here with VLC the playback is much easier, with the extra attraction that VLC is also compatible with Chromecast natively (without the need for additional configurations as in KODI ). In short, one of the best tools to watch Internet TV easily and without complications.

Download VLC from its official website

Other alternatives

Over time, you may get tired of downloading IPTV lists every time a network changes the IP of its live streaming. In cases like this, or if the configuration in VLC gives you a problem, you can always resort to the official web broadcast of the chain . You just have to open the browser and the integrated player will show what is currently being broadcast live:

  • Spanish Television (TVE1): Watch live
  • La 2: See live
  • Antena 3: Watch live
  • Four: Watch Live
  • Telecinco: Watch live
  • La Sexta: Watch Live
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