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Digital Photo Frame App.Frames used to be associated with the gaudy, colorful, floral frames that were popular in the early 2000s. Other frames are popular now, in the spirit of minimalism. But each frame has its own purpose: some frames are used to design Instagram in the same style, others set the style and create a mood of nostalgia. In the article, we have made a selection of applications where you can make beautiful frames for any purpose.

Digital Photo Frame App

6 Digital Photo Frame App You Must Know

Photo frame apps

Frames with imitation of a Polaroid picture are in trend now . Some people are nostalgic for the past, others use them to style and decorate their content, and still others because it is popular and other users do it. Polaroid frames are mainly used in stories, but for the Instagram feed, minimalist frames (white / black) are more often used. This is useful for creating a consistent layout style. We wrote more about creating a single feed design and layout style in the article – “How to Instagram in the same style.”

We have made a selection of 6 photo frame applications for different purposes: to make a photo in a minimalist style for publication or to create unusual content for stories using ready-made templates and thematic frames.


The app’s frames are adapted to the stories format (9:16), but if you want, you can choose frames that will look beautiful, even if they are cropped to fit the publication format (1: 1). You can create 27 frames for photos for free in the collection of Clasico Series 1.

Price: The

application has a paid extension Unfold + for 229 rubles per month (with an annual subscription, a 7-day free version is available). The extension allows you to use all 8 collections of templates (most can be purchased separately without a subscription from 75 rubles). For example, the Film Frames collection has polaroid frames, Digital Wave offers original frames for the browser window, Ripped Paper has frames stylized to resemble a torn sheet of paper.


The app has templates for Instagram photos, which are divided into categories: Paper, Film (film-style frame), Tape, Love (polaroid frames for lovers of pink), Element (minimalist frames), Collage and Neon. These categories are available by default, to add additional, you need to download (free) 5 more categories: Edge, Flora, Moi, Later, Usa.


More than 100 Instagram template frames are available for free in different categories, for the rest you need to pay 229 rubles. per month. In addition to many stylish templates, Storyluxe is convenient in that the required format (9:16 or 4: 5) can be selected immediately in the application editor.



The application primarily specializes in creating cool collages and adding text to photos. But we must pay tribute – the application is constantly adding new sets, the one that interests us is Film Frames. Thanks to the frames for Instagram posts from this set, you can stylishly decorate your photos and even make a collage.


The Instagram frame app is free, but with in-app purchases.



In addition to a variety of templates in different styles of Minimal, Film (with frames stylized for film photos), Elegant, Paper, etc., the application is convenient because it has a template search by color. It is relevant if you adhere to a certain color scheme in your Instagram profile. Each template category has both free and paid layouts with frames for Instagram photos, however, they are all in the format of stories, but some of them can be adapted for feed posts as well.


StoryArt has in-app purchases. For 229 rubles. additional templates in different styles, including with animation, will be available to you per month. You can buy only the required collection of templates one time (from 75 rubles).


The application is aimed primarily at fans of Polaroid style photos. Photo frames are available in different formats. You can add text to the frame and effects on the photo, make color correction.


For users of smartphones on Android, the application is free, but has limited functionality. For iOS, only 3 frames are available for free (Instalab), the rest are available for 349 rubles. per month.


In the application, you can easily overlay a frame on a photo with an unusual shape, or make a stylish collage for Instagram stories. The bazaart also has many themed templates, for example: Comfortable Autumn, Film Noir (Polaroid Frames), Hipster Wedding, Happy Birthday, Kid, etc. Additionally, you can choose a different template format: for posts or Instagram stories.


app is free, but most of the templates are available in the premium version for RUB 299. per month, 7 days free. The watermark can also be removed only in the premium version.


Despite the fact that the framework is used by many bloggers and commercial accounts, you can follow this trend, but do it in your own way, in your own style. The main thing is to adhere to a sense of proportion and not oversaturate the template with various elements. We do not recommend using frames at once in both the feed and stories. Photos with a frame in the style of minimalism will look good in the Instagram feed, and collages with several photos will look good in stories.

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