How to find competitors on Instagram

How to find competitors on Instagram.For an Instagram account to bear fruit, you need to be one step ahead of the competition. That is why it is now so important to analyze what the competitor offers and how he presents it. But before proceeding with the analysis , you need to find these very accounts of competitors.

Search for competitors on Instagram/How to find competitors on Instagram

How to find competitors on Instagram

Let’s look at several ways to find competitors on Instagram. But in order for the search to be targeted, first you need to create a portrait of your own business: who is your target audience, the list of services / goods, pricing, format and geography. This is necessary in order to properly select competitors.

For example, you have a beauty salon in St. Petersburg and you are looking for other salons in the same city. But they may not be your direct competitors, because you offer premium class services on luxury expensive cosmetics, and another beauty salon offers an economy option of services. That is, you have a different target audience, albeit the same set of services at first glance.

If your clients intersect with another beauty salon, but you are located in different parts of the city, then you also may not be competitors, because the client is often looking for salons in the territorial availability of himself. If your business is not tied to any specific city, then focus on pricing, a similar list of goods or services.

How to find competitors in Instagram search;TIPS

To search for competitor accounts, enter a keyword in the search box. If you do not have a local business, then you can enter a general high-frequency phrase, for example, “Children’s toys”. If the business is local, add a city to the keyword, for example, “Children’s toys Tomsk”.

After you have entered your request, under the search box, select the “Accounts” section. There will be shown those profiles that have the desired keywords in the title and the most popular among users. Instagram also gives results based on your user experience (what you were looking for, which accounts and hashtags you subscribed to, which posts you like and add to your saved ones, etc.).

In the “Tags” section, Instagram will give you the most popular hashtags. They can be used to find “Top” and “Recent” publications of competitors, at the same time assessing what content is in demand. And in order not to miss new publications by the desired hashtag, add it to tracking in LiveDune .

Above Top and Recent posts, Instagram displays tips – additional hashtags and accounts that are similar to your topic and the hashtag you are looking for. Use them for more targeted searches.

You can also use Instagram recommendations for accounts. To do this, enter a key phrase in the search box and follow the hashtag. Open any publication from the “Top” and go to the profile of this account, click on the arrow. Instagram will give you accounts with a similar audience. Click “All” for a complete list of accounts.

How to find competitors using search engines

To find competitors through Yandex and Google, you need to decide what key queries to search for, for this use Yandex Wordstat . Enter the highest-frequency query, for example, “Mobile Application Development”. The service will allow you to find related keywords for which users are still looking for you and your competitors. You can also use the search by region, which is important if the business is local.

After you have decided on what queries to search for competitors, type them into the search and go to the sites. Find social networks (most often located in the header or footer of the site, as well as in contacts). This is a more time-consuming method, but in this case you can kill two birds with one stone when you start the analysis: evaluate both the Instagram account and the site.

How to find competitors using maps

For a local business, it is convenient to search for competitors using Yandex , Google and 2GIS cards , because you can only watch those companies that are in your immediate vicinity.

Search for a keyword such as “Restaurants” and open those close to you. In Yandex.Maps, many companies indicate social networks, which simplifies the search. There are many companies in 2GIS that do not have a website and indicate only social networks. If the company of interest only has a website, then you can search for an Instagram account using the method described above.


Searching for competitors is a responsible task that requires a systematic approach, because new accounts can appear at least every day. Therefore, to be one step ahead and offer the best product, you need to know your competitors by sight and draw inspiration from them.


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