How to create albums and add covers in Windows Media Player

In today’s article we will see how to create albums and add covers in Windows Media Player in a very easy and fast way. So you can create all the albums you want and they are ordered with their respective covers.

Today Windows Media Player is still used by a huge number of people. This interesting program developed by Microsoft has been with us for many years.

Although it is very easy to add song lyrics, the problem occurs when you ask us how to create albums and add covers to them. A little further down we will answer both questions.

How to create albums in Windows Media Player

  • Open Windows Media Player and then you will have to click on “Library”.
  • Next, click on “Music”.
  • Now you will have to go to the first track for an album and right click on it. Here you have to choose ” Advanced Tag Editor “.
  • Choose a name in the advanced tag editor and you will also have to add a track number. After this, simply press accept and that’s it.

Add album art to Windows Media Player

  • The first thing you will have to do is open the Windows Media Player to search for the album art in the online database. This is quite useful, since we can do it automatically without having to do practically anything.
  • In case you are in ” Play now ” mode you will have to switch to “Library” mode in order to view all the albums you have available.
  • Now you will have to find the album you want to edit. In case the album does not have a cover then it will appear with an icon in the form of a musical note.
  • Now you will have to right click on the album and choose the option “ Find album information ”.
  • Windows Media will try to automatically search the database for the album art that corresponds to that album and will download it automatically.
  • In case no cover is found, then we have the possibility to add it manually. For that we are going to see the following tutorial.

How to add album art to Windows Media Player albums

  • What you will have to do is look for the cover on the internet. This can be done from the Google search engine.
  • Open the image you want to use as the cover and right click on it. Then you will have to click on ” Save image as ” to download it to your computer.
  • In case you do not want to download it, you will have to right click and select “Copy”.
  • If you downloaded it, open the image on your computer and right-click it, select the “Copy” option .
  • Now you will have to find the album to which you want to add the album art.
  • Then you will have to right click on it to display a new menu.
  • In this menu we will have to select the option ” Paste album art ” and the image that you copied to the clipboard will be automatically copied in the form of a cover.

That would be all you have to do to add a cover to a Windows Media Player album. As you can see, the method is quite fast and simple. In a matter of a few minutes you can add all the images you want.

Best of all, the ones you add don’t necessarily have to be covers. You can add any kind of image you want using the manual method that we discussed a little above.

Remember that, in case you have any kind of doubt about how to add covers to Windows Media Player albums. You can leave it a bit below and we will be happy to help you solve it as soon as possible.


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