How to remove or delete the page number on a cover page in Word

In today’s article we are going to see how to remove or delete the page number on a cover page in Word . The process is too simple and should not take you long, we are going to see step by step everything you need to know to achieve it.

For those people who need to erase the page number on the cover of a Microsoft Word document. The same application has a special option to make it very easy to do so.

Some time ago it was necessary to create a new document for the new page, this is a thing of the past and now it is much easier. We are simply going to have to play around with the options that the program presents us and we will succeed.

This will make it extremely easy to hide the page number . This way we will ensure that the numbering of the document remains intact but it will not be seen on the cover. So that the presentation of it is more professional.

Therefore, we are going to see a simple but quick tutorial so that you can remove the page number on a Microsoft Word cover in a matter of few minutes. Follow the whole process step by step and you will quickly achieve it.

This tutorial is suitable for those who have no experience using Word. That they are taking their first steps with Microsoft’s office automation proposal. So it will be quite useful and easy to do.

Delete page number on a cover in Word

  • We open the document to which we want to remove the page number .
  • Now what we must do is double click on the header or footer. Basically where the page numbers of the document in question are.
  • This is to open the tools for the header and footer.
  • Now you are going to have to choose the option ” Different first page” in “Options ” found on the ribbon. In case the box has a check, you do not need to do this step.
  • Next, you will have to select the page number on the cover and press “Delete” on the physical keyboard.
  • What remains to be done is simply click on the button ” Close header and footer ” that you will see on the right side.
  • In this simple way you can remove the page number on a cover in Word. As you can see, the process is too quick and easy.

How to remove page number in Word

Word is a very powerful program that can be used for many things. Many people use Microsoft’s proposal on a daily basis and when it comes to creating documents with covers, it has a wide variety of options as we have already seen.

In this way you can present a document that will be professional in every way. Managing to impress the people to whom you should introduce it. Best of all, learning to use Word is actually too simple a process, as you have all the tools at a glance.

With an overly intuitive design and all the options at a glance. It has become the office automation program par excellence of most of the people who work with it all the time.

To finish, as you can see, it is too easy to remove or hide the page number from the cover of any Word document. This process is useful for whatever document it is.

Also remember that if you have any kind of doubt or question you can leave it a little lower in the comment box and as always, we will be totally willing to help you solve it as soon as possible.


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