How to create, add and organize legends in Google Maps

One of the services most used by those people to find directions or create routes to reach their destination without problems is Google Maps. But it is not only limited to this, we can also know the traffic in real time. But now we show you a fantastic option that you can make and it refers to how to create, add and organize legends in Google Maps step by step.

Many people limit the Google Maps service to simply knowing routes and maps, but you go much further. For example, the users of this application have the possibility to add legend icons in important places on the maps . Of course it is necessary that you first register for free with Google so that you can make use of this excellent function.

This is the most relevant of the services of the Google platform, they are totally free and available to anyone. You just have to follow the simple steps that we show you in this tutorial so that you know how to create, add and organize legends in Google Maps . And then if you want you can take screenshots and save them in your files to share them.

How to create, add and organize legends in Google Maps step by step

As we have already mentioned, it is necessary that you create an account, if you no longer have a Google account. And once you access your accounts you can enter Google Maps , the next thing you should do is create a map that is totally personalized. In which you are going to add legends, icons, bookmarks and everything that is necessary.

To do this, start by entering a state and a city or if you have the exact address you can enter it without problems. In this way, Google Maps will zoom in on this area, the next step is to go to the My maps option and click. You will find this option near the Google search bar.

Steps to create, add and organize legends in Google Maps

Next you are going to select the option Create a new map , the next thing you should do is name it and make a brief description of the map you are going to create. You will also have two options to choose from for this personal map. You can choose to make it private and only you can see it or choose to make it public and everyone has access to it.

Google Maps will offer you a series of tools so that you can mark important points on the map, place markers and legend indicators . You can also use the buttons that will allow you to Zoom and reach street level. In this way you can identify all the sites of your interest , as well as favorite spots.

In the upper left of the map you will find a blue icon, click on it to generate a marker in the shape of a globe. Now you just have to move with the mouse over the map and click on the points of interest to generate a legend icon. Make the necessary edits to describe the places of interest on the map.

As you will realize there is a great variety of legend icons, in this way you can choose to point out restaurants, hotels, bars, shops, offices etc. Try to be very specific and add as many markers as you want . If you can’t find an icon, you can draw it with the function for it, this is in the upper left corner of the map.

Then place yourself on the map where you want to draw the icon and make it, then add the necessary information for the legend of this point. As you can see, your personal map is taking shape, where you have added and organized the legends according to your taste. And this is all you need to know to  create, add and organize legends in Google Maps step by step.


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