How to create a PlayStation Network account

If you have a PlayStation console, you will know very well what is PS Network or PlayStation Network , an account that allows us to manage everything related to the Sony video game and with which we can access trophies and details. Therefore, we explain how to create an account on PSN or what are the different ones with PS Now and PS Plus.

What is PSN?

PlayStation Network or PSN is the Sony account we created for the PlayStation. It is not paid, it has no cost and what it allows us is to have our PlayStation profile where we have all the registered data, access to messaging with other users or all the details of all your accounts on all consoles.

We can access the PlayStation Store not only from the console but also from the phone or the computer browser if we want to download games or season passes that will automatically be synchronized between devices without complication. From the browser or from the free phone app.

Differences with PS Plus and PS Now

And what about Playstation Plus and PlayStation Now? They are different services and these are paid. Once you have a PSN account, which is free and free for everyone, we can subscribe to these services that have a monthly cost or that we can activate with a gift card.

PS Now is a service for which we pay a fixed amount monthly and we can play several different titles that are being updated, it is a kind of Netflix of games with more than 700 titles that we can use on various consoles or even from Windows and that includes games PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 2, among others.

For its part, PlayStation Plus is a payment service that allows us access to online multiplayer if we want to play online with friends, but also other advantages such as exclusive discounts or gigabytes to store content or our progress in the cloud.

In order to have either of these two, PS Now or PS Plus, we first need a PlayStation Network account, a profile in which we will add things.

Create PS Network Account

  • Go to the Sony Account Management website
  • Click on “Create new account”
  • Click Start
  • Enter the login ID and password
  • Confirm password
  • Tap on “Next”
  • Choose the country, language and your date of birth
  • Read the privacy summary
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Accept the option ” Terms and conditions”
  • Accept the “User Agreement”
  • Click on “Accept and create account”
  • You will receive a confirmation email
  • Check the email

Once you have created the account and verified the email, you will be able to log in.

The data that we will need to create a PS Network account are:

  • Date of birth (for security and to avoid minors)
  • Country or region
  • Preferred language to receive communications
  • Login ID (the email you are going to use)
  • Password (keep it safe and update frequently)
  • Name (Real name that will be shown to your friends)
  • Address

Other tips and tricks

There are other aspects that we must take into account such as recovering the password if we have forgotten it or configuring our account in case it is already created.

How to reset your password

If you have forgotten your password, you can change it from the PlayStation support section. We can go to the PlayStation online assistant that allows us to reset or change the password if we have forgotten it or the one we thought does not work for us.

Go to the login page under “Account Management” and simply go to ” Problems logging in?” Here, choose “Reset your password.” You will have to enter your login ID or the email address that you usually use to access. When you have done it, you will receive in that same email an email with a link that you can open. In the link, you must fill in the information requested and create a new password. It is recommended, as explained by Sony itself, that you use all kinds of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

You forgot your email

If you’ve forgotten your email and don’t have the login ID, you can contact the PlayStaition support team. V and to the support page, tap on “Account and security” and go to the “Reset Password and retrieve account”. There will be a number of tips for the password. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can scroll all the way to see the contact information.

You can speak to PlayStation by calling Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm with Spanish peninsular time on 911 147 422.

Parental control of PS Network and minors

We can monitor minors who use the console to prevent them from spending too much time hooked up or communicating with other players. Allows game time restrictions, allows to limit the amount spent on PlayStation Store by minors avoiding spending money. We may also deny communication with other players, restrict the viewing of certain content, or restrict the use of PlayStation VR. In addition, we can set age rating levels for games that are not age-appropriate and that correspond to the actual age of the child using it.

Once we have created our Sony account, we can go to the “Family Management” section and then configure child profiles.

  • Go to Family Management
  • Tap on “Configure Now”
  • You will see two different options
    • Add an adult
    • Add a minor
  • Choose “Add a minor”
  • Enter the login ID, password and date of birth
  • Confirm with “Next”
  • Accept the information and click on Confirm

In the parental control settings we can choose the different options:

  • Age level  for games
  • Age level for Blu-ray Disc and DVD videos
  • Using  PlayStation VR
  • Using the internet browser

From the family administration control we can adjust each of the members that we have registered, of all the children that have been registered. Here we will see the different members of the family, we can add new ones or we can assign tutors who are the ones who control the information of those users.

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