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SAMP (San Andreas Multiplayer) is a multiplayer expansion for the cult blockbuster from Rockstar Games, which opens up access to new content, additional role-playing mode and professions that change the position of the selected hero in the virtual society. The gameplay changes will not affect the already familiar elements like three-dimensional Los Santos, familiar streets and crime that descends on residents in a continuous stream. It’s time to become part of such an exciting world …

Personal account functionality

The SAMP extension does not offer a classic personal account. Everything is organized differently. When uploading to the server directly through the San Andreas Multiplayer extension, simply select a nickname and then enter the server IP address. But on the official sites of common servers for SAMP (for example, on a personal account with additional functionality is already available:

  • Change of password and confidential information.
  • Adding servers to Favorites and History, displaying additional information about the proposed modes, restrictions and modifications.
  • Setting up a profile – uploading an avatar, viewing a personal ID.
  • Access to support service.
  • Replenishment of the balance, if there are no free finances left in the virtual universe.

Profiles on the server site and in SAMP are not linked. When changing your password or preparing a new account, you need to decide in advance what information and where you wanted to edit.

In addition to the personal account, the service offers additional features:

Server monitoring Detailed information about frequently visited servers with IP-address, information about the “population” of virtual cities, rating and reputation
Flexible content sorting It is not necessary to look into SAMP in random order: the site contains tips describing both the mode and the available modifications
Built-in forum A section dedicated to thematic and free communication between GTA fans
Search It will be needed if it is impossible to find the necessary materials or a suitable server

How to register and run SAMP

Becoming part of the multiplayer community and returning to Los Santos is impossible without prior preparation. You have to act as follows:

  1. Downloading the official client of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There are several ways to download the game: a pirated version is also available (via the link – ) and a Steam version, which must first be purchased for 499-599 rubles depending on the region.
  2. Installing the San Andreas Multiplayer extension ( The procedure is quite predictable. First, you need to put a few checkboxes, select a location for unpacking (as a directory, you must select the path to GTA: SA).
  3. The last steps. If there were no problems with the previous actions, then only small details remained ahead. You will first have to sign up for Sampa by filling in the Name text box on the Quick Access Toolbar at the top.
  4. Entering, changing, adding new passwords is optional. Just click on the Hosted button located at the bottom of the interface to display the entire list of available servers.
  5. If no suitable options are found in the list that appears, then it is easy to add the address of the server that is found on the network to the system. The task will be handled by the white check mark icon on an orange background.
  6. A text field for entering the IP will immediately appear on the screen, as well as a Search button.
  7. Already found a server? It’s time to click on the Play button (next to the search) and wait for GTA SAMP to load.
  8. In some cases, you have to register on the server. First, the administration offers to understand the rules and accept the agreement, and after that, register and set a password.
  9. After entering confidential information (it is important to remember the permissible number of characters), it remains to click on the “Ok” button, and then wait until the end of the check.


Tip 1

It is important to remember the rules of conduct when visiting servers in SAMP. The administration prohibits the use of cheats, relying on bugs, extorting passwords, or writing insults in the chat. In case of disputable situations, the opportunity to write to support is still available. But with frequent violations of the rules, the account is blocked immediately.

Tip 2

It is advisable to at least occasionally check new builds of San Andreas Multiplayer: this will give you a chance to protect yourself from unnecessary errors, and at the same time download fresh updates with content, balance edits and technical fixes.

To check for updates, just look at some thematic site like ( ).


How to delete an account?

Inactive profiles in SAMP are transferred to the virtual trash after 5-6 months. The database is cleaned automatically. If you want to get rid of your account immediately, then it’s easier to contact support for help.

Why am I getting errors downloading San Andreas?

Even superficially, the reasons cannot be listed. The launch is often hampered by the lack of RAM (as well as free space on the hard disk), and outdated hardware, and problems with access to the Internet. Launching SAMP as an administrator, or reinstalling all content at once, including GTA, will help get rid of problems.

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