How to convert a Word file to image in JPG format? – Learn Easy

If you work in an office, you will surely want to learn how to convert a Word file to a JPG image for several reasons. You should know that there are  several modern programs that make this process safe, easy and fast.

How to Convert a Word File to an Image in JPG Format? – Learn Easy

In this article, we will explain the steps to convert Word files to JPG directly from an online converter and with some programs on your computer. In order for you to learn how to do this process so that you can do it properly.

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  1. What options do you have to change the format of your files?
    1. With online websites
    2. Using programs on your PC
  2. How to convert a document to JPG format easily?
  3. What other formats can a Word document be converted to?

What options do you have to change the format of your files?

There are two options in which you can change the format of your files. One of them is online converters to change Word to JPG online without having to download the program.

The other option is downloading programs on your computer so that you can change the Word file to JPG format. These two alternatives are easy to use , it is recommended that you know them in detail so that you select the one that suits you best.

With online websites

Next, you will get to know about great image conversion software with online websites. So that you can use them so that you can convert Word files to JPG without having to download any program.

  • Web Online Convert:This is one of the best online image converters that you can use to change videos, images. This program does not need you to install it, it has several compatible formats.
  • Convertio: This program is the best online image converter. This converter supports a large number ofimage formats
  • BatchPhoto – is a great image converter for JPG files. It’s fast and easy to use.

Using programs on your PC

If you want to convert Word files to JPG below are several programs to use on your PC, these are:

  • FastStone Photo Resizer– This program allows you to convert JPG images. It offers several functions so that you can edit the photos, it is ideal to change the color, reduce the size and adjust the contrast.
  • ReaConverter:this type of program has 600 formats, it is perfect for converting JPG images. It is excellent for making corrections to images, it is a fairly complete and easy-to-use program.
  • Romeolight WebPconv:is a PC tool to convert GPG images. It is easy and safe to install, users who have used it recommend it.

How to convert a document to JPG format easily?

If you want to convert a document to JPG you can do it using Convertio. This is a website that takes care of converting a document to various JPG formats. This is an excellent option, because it allows you to transform a document to JPG format easily and quickly.

  • First you have to enter Convertio, where you will go to the official platform.
  • When you enter the site you must go to the top of the screen, where it says “Convert”. There you have to choose “Document Converter”
  • On the screen you will see the conversion of the document, you must click on “ Select the files”. Where the navigation screen will be displayed and you will have to get the document you need to convert.
  • When you upload the document you can see it on your computer screen. Click on itand select the format you want .
  • After choosing the format, you should click‘ Convert ‘. You should wait for the entire conversion process to finish.
  • The platform will take care of notifying you when the process is complete. Then you can download the images.
  • It is essential that you follow these steps properly, so that you can successfully convert the images to JPG.

What other formats can a Word document be converted to?

Currently you can convert a Word document to various formats such as PDF, XPS and RTF. The most used format is PDF, although this apparently cannot be modified, there are methods to edit a PDF file . Word is usually a frequently used program for writing and editing college papers.

The presentation of a text or document in Word format is quite informal. This is why many people prefer to convert it into PDF format. Since its presentation is more formal and can be seen on the device you want. For this reason, many students or businessmen use it to present their work.


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