What is JFIF format and how to convert it to JPG

Some users from time to time come across images (photos, pictures and others) with the JFIF extension instead of the usual JPG / JPEG and wonder what this format is, how to open it or convert it to JPG – online or using programs.

This article details the JFIF format, what to do with files with this extension, whether you need to convert them, and about the situation when files are downloaded and saved in JFIF instead of JPG in Windows 11 or Windows 10.

  • JFIF format
  • Converting JFIF to JPG
  • What to do if photos are downloaded and saved in JFIF (how to enable JPG by default)
  • Video instruction

JFIF format

In fact, JFIF is just one of the possible extensions for JPEG images, which can also be in the form .JPE, .JPEG or .JPG and, as a rule, JFIF is opened with all the same applications for viewing photos (see Best free programs for viewing and managing photo ) as a regular JPG.

In Windows 11, JPEG files can be saved to JFIF by default and this is usually not a problem. But everything is not always smooth – some programs “do not know” about such an extension for the format and do not open it despite the fact that the content contains a standard JPG.

Another option is also possible: you need to upload a photo or picture somewhere, you downloaded it from the Internet, and when you download it, it is not displayed in the selection window, since only JPG / JPEG and PNG formats are supported. In this case, you might want to want to convert JFIF to JPG.

How to convert JFIF to JPG

Taking into account the coinciding content of JFIF and JPG files, no format conversion is required, it is enough to change the file extension:

  1. If file extensions are visible on your system, right-click on the JFIF file, select Rename, change the file extension after the dot to JPG, and answer “Yes” to the prompt “After changing the extension, this file may not be available”.
  2. If the extensions are not displayed in the system (that is, you only see the file name before the dot), enable the display of extensions for the registered file types in the explorer options. Universal method: open Control Panel (for this you can use search in Windows 11 and Windows 10), switch the control panel view to “Icons” (in the “View” field at the top right) and open “Explorer Options”, then on the “View” tab uncheck “Hide extensions for registered file types” and apply the settings. After enabling the display of extensions, simply change the file extension from JFIF to JPG.

If the file is not damaged, then after changing the extension from JFIF to JPG, it will open properly where required, just like any other JPEG images.

What to do if photos from the Internet are downloaded in JFIF format in Windows 11 and Windows 10

The most common questions about JFIF arise from users who download photos and other images from the Internet, and they suddenly started downloading in JFIF format, although they are posted on the site in regular JPG. The same can happen when saving pictures in programs in Windows 11. This can be fixed:

  1. Press Win + R keys, type regedit and press Enter to open Registry Editor.
  2. Go to the registry key (folder)

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ MIME \ Database \ Content Type \ image / jpeg

  1. In the right pane of the Registry Editor, notice the value of the parameter named Extension. If it says .jfif , then double click on the option and enter .jpg , and then apply the settings.
  2. Check the Extension parameter under image / pjpeg in the same location, it should also be .jpg

After completing the above steps, the files will be downloaded as regular JPGs.

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