How to connect to satellite internet free

How to connect to satellite internet free.There is a saying “free cheese is only in a mousetrap.Satellite Internet can be a good solution if other connections are unavailable to you.Satellite Internet can be a good backup internet Connection.

Benefits/how to connect to satellite internet free

how to connect to satellite internet free

It is not difficult to install free satellite Internet with your own hands, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the instructions that come with the equipment. The main advantages of such a connection are:

  • low traffic price compared to GPRS and DSL;
  • good speed even with poor landline performance;
  • the ability to develop faster than terrestrial types of connections such as GPRS and DSL;
  • the ability to connect to satellite TV;
  • connection to the Network at any point in the area related to the satellite coverage area;
  • quick commissioning of equipment;
  • ease of use.

You can feel all the positive aspects of using satellite Internet only if you independently use this service.

How to connect free satellite Internet with your own hands.

How to connect free satellite Internet with your own hands

  • Setting up satellite Internet with your own hands is carried out in several stages. First, fix the satellite dish on the wall or roof of the building. The antenna mirror is oriented towards the satellite. The compass will help you choose the desired position, and the satellite coordinates are determined using the Satellite Antenna Alignment program.
  • The service is installed free of charge and well in advance of equipment installation. The exact coordinates of their location and the location of the satellite are entered into the program. The service gives out the angle, azimuth and other data necessary for the correct orientation of the antenna.
  • Then the DVB-card is inserted into the PCI-slot of the computer. It acts as a satellite modem, receives, converts and transmits a signal.
  • After the equipment is installed in the system unit, they begin to debug it. This is a complex and time-consuming process. To do this, one person is in front of the computer and monitors the signal from the satellite, which the program will show when it is detected, and the other adjusts the position of the dish.
  • If the setting is carried out by one person, then in the program he can select the function of sound notification, and he himself will adjust the antenna. Instead of a DVB card, an external card is installed in the laptop, connected via a USB connector. After installing all the components, the equipment is tested.
  • To completely resolve the issue of how to make satellite Internet with your own hands, it takes a professional about two hours.

how to connect to satellite internet

You can set up free Internet via a satellite dish yourself if you have certain knowledge. But for these purposes, you will need special equipment.The satellite does not transmit a signal to any one device, but sends a stream to all devices capable of receiving it. Subscribers paying for the service receive already filtered information corresponding to the client’s request. Foreign traffic bypasses it.

Those who want to use satellite Internet for free should take into account that this type of connection will have a very specific format. There will be a lot of haphazard traffic, which will cause certain difficulties. And although there are filters that can select the necessary files in this situation, this type of communication is unlikely to give pleasure and will allow you to enjoy all the possibilities of the Internet.

It should be noted right away that there is no really free Internet, and you will not be able to surf the Internet without spending a penny. Speaking of free satellite Internet, most often they mean low communication rates at high speed, the ability to download huge amounts of data to your computer for free and watch satellite TV.

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