How to activate GPRS on mobile phone?

Nowadays it has become necessary to activate GPRS on mobile as it allows you to run internet on your mobile phone. You can send photos from one mobile to another via sms and can also do facebook chatting with GPRS.

If you have Android software running on your mobile phone, you can download many applications. You can download the ringtone of your choice. You can do all this only when GPRS is activated on your mobile phone and the setting of your mobile is working well.

To activate GPRS on a mobile phone, first of all, find out which GPRS plan your mobile service provider is offering. To know this, you should visit your mobile service provider’s website or talk to customer care.

Then after choosing the appropriate GPRS plan, get the given amount recharged. GPRS will be activated on your mobile phone after some time. After GPRS is activated, SMS will come to your mobile phone or you can talk to customer care and confirm that GPRS is activated.

Now talk to the customer care and download the settings. Remember that there are different settings for sending mms or photos and there are different settings for using the internet. Once you get the setting, activate it.

Now go to your mobile phone settings and go to mobile network and select Data Enabled. After that select your service provider’s network and make it the Default network provider.

After this, you will see the sign of [G] or [E] or [3G] on the top of your mobile phone. This means that GPRS is working on your mobile and you can use all the facility.


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