How to clear the telegram cache on iPhone

To control free space, you need to periodically clear the utility cache. This is especially true for mobile devices. Let’s consider how to clear the Telegram cache on iPhone, Android, PC. We will also configure the correct storage of information to save space.

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Clear Telegram cache without data loss

How to clear the cache in Telegram

Clearing the Telegram cache on PC

How to store data correctly so that Telegram does not take up much space

Clear Telegram cache without data loss

A large amount of information and data is stored in the messenger:

  • audio messages;
  • video content;
  • books;
  • photos;
  • gif files;
  • archives;
  • documents and stuff.

Often Telegram is used for work moments, then important files that need to be saved are transmitted through it. The messenger’s cache grows quickly and takes up space. However, users do not clear it for fear of losing information.

This is an erroneous opinion, since Telegram files are hosted on the cloud, and a copy of them is shown on the gadget. Therefore, when you delete the cache, the data will be loaded again when you open the program.

How to clear the cache in Telegram

There are 2 options. Go to the “Settings” of the messenger. Then:

  • click on the icon in the form of three dots;
  • select “Exit” in the window;
  • now “Clear cache”;
  • set the required parameter in “Memory usage”.

If you need to completely clear the gadget, then select “Local database”. This function clears the cache and shrinks the database. As a result, the volume of the occupied space is reduced by 2-3 times.

Another way:

  • in “Settings” go to “Data and memory”;
  • click “Memory Usage”;
  • clear cache;
  • if desired, delete unnecessary file types: photos, documents, audio and others by checking the box.

Both methods allow you to clear Telegram cache on iPhone or Android.

Clearing the Telegram cache on PC

When using the web version, you need to clear your browser history. This will remove not only temporary site files, but also the messenger cache.

When using the utility on a computer, follow the instructions for clearing the Telegram cache:

  • go to the program and go to “Settings”;
  • select “Advanced Features”;
  • go to “Local storage management”;
  • familiarize yourself with the information provided, namely the size of the occupied space on the disk of each type of cache files;
  • clear the entire cache or its individual parts.

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How to store data correctly so that Telegram does not take up much space

With regular use of the messenger, the amount of data increases rapidly. Clearing the Telegram cache becomes a temporary solution to the problem. However, there are several recommendations to optimize the program and download less information:

  • Go to “Settings” and go to “Chat settings”. Deactivate “Save to Gallery” here. Thus, the files will no longer be stored on the smartphone.
  • In “Data and memory” select one of the options: do not download information on the mobile network, roaming or Wi-Fi. The best solution is to deactivate all options. This disables the autoloading of files.
  • Autoplaying GIFs and videos clogs up the cache and takes up a lot of space. To disable this option, go to “Data and Memory” and uncheck the box.
  • Go to “Advanced Settings”. Set a restriction on storing messenger information on your phone. We recommend setting automatic deletion of files after 1-2 weeks after receiving them.
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