How To Change Windows 10 Language

It is well known that in previous versions of Windows, changing the language was an extremely daunting task. It was not easy to change the default language that older operating systems came with. But this new version allows you to make this change very easily. That is why we bring you step by step how to change the language of Windows 10.

How to CHANGE the LANGUAGE of Windows 10 – Easy and Fast

It is that without a doubt, this new version of Windows is here to stay, and it is not only because it allows you to change the language easily . If not, also because it has various functions that you can configure yourself without complications. Among them we can mention, change the screen resolution, activate the volume icon or free and optimize RAM memory .

The important thing about all this is that you can make these adjustments yourself and apply the simple steps that we are going to show you in a self-taught way. Without the worrying need to hire a strange person, who enters our team and can have access to our personal information. So let’s learn today, how to change the language of Windows 10.

How to change the language of Windows 10

Now, if we want to change the language of our operating system or keyboard, it is because it is in the English language. To make this change we must proceed as follows, the first thing we are going to do is go to the Windows 10 Start menu . And then you must select the Settings option, if it is in English the word Settings should appear.

After making a clip in Settings, a new window will appear with different options and icons, among all of them, we will select the icon that represents the language and the time. When making a clip it will present us with another window where we can make the following settings for date and time , region and language and voice.

If we wish we can take advantage and make the changes we want in this window, but we are going to focus on making the adjustments regarding the Region and the language . For this reason we are going to select this option by making a clip. You will see some important options such as Country or region, Languages ​​and related Settings.

If you can see that the languages ​​you can choose appear in the language option, in case the language you speak does not appear, you must choose the Add a language option . When you make a clip in this option, a large number of languages ​​will appear and there you must search and choose the language or languages ​​that you want to appear in your list of languages.

Selecting multiple languages ​​in Windows 10

After selecting by clicking on the language, it will take you to the languages ​​window and you can see the selected language with several buttons. Among them Set as default, Options and Remove.

At this point we can select the Options button and select the type of keyboard that we want to appear, if we are satisfied we leave the default one.

We left options and now we go to the option to Set as default, we make a clip on this button, it will start the search and then it will give us the option to Install. You should know at this point that this operation will be carried out as long as you have an Internet connection, otherwise you will not be able to download and install the language .

Now you just have to wait for the language to load , set it as default and to finish you have to restart your computer. This is done so that the changes you made when selecting the new language can be applied. After rebooting, you can verify that the language your computer is now using is the one you selected.

This method to make language changes, you can do it at any time and as you have seen it is very easy to do and does not take a lot of time or effort. In simple steps you learned how to change the language of Windows 10. Also, if you wish, you can request help  from Windows technical support


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