How to change the language of the WhatsApp keyboard

WhatsApp is one of the leading companies for this purpose. Its leadership in the market, along with other messaging applications such as Telegram , is dictated by a series of factors that makes it stand out from other messaging applications. Still, this app is not perfect and is subject to some bugs . One of the most common is when the app is switched to English and we do not know or understand how to get out of this predicament. In the present you will be shown several options that you can follow to solve this problem.

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  1. How to configure the keyboard in WhatsApp – Enter settings
    1. On Android
    2. On iPhone
  2. How to change the language of the WhatsApp keyboard easily
    1. Change keyboard language on Android
    2. Change keyboard language on iPhone
    3. On the PC or with WhatsApp Web
  3. Learn to change the language of the keyboard checker too
    1. On Android
    2. On iPhone:

How to configure the keyboard in WhatsApp – Enter settings

This is a very easy process for people who are already adept at cell phones. However, for new users, this can prove to be quite a challenge. This is because many times we are not comfortable with the keyboard that is assigned to us and we seek to change it. In any case, this is a process that differs between Android and iPhone.

On Android

We will have to take into account that this has two methods: one from the phone settings, which you will have to access. This can be achieved by lowering the notification bar and hitting the button that looks like a wheel with cogs or gear. Once you press it, it will take you to the options. At the top of these options you will see a search bar. There you will write “language” .

When you write this word, you will be able to observe how at the bottom you get an option that says “language and input method” . You will click on it and then it will take you to a menu where you can select the keyboards you want, as well as being able to change their language.

The other method is sometimes better, because if you want a much faster solution, this is the right one. To start, you are going to need to enter WhatsApp and go to whatever conversation you want. Once you do this, open the keyboard of your phone and you can see that in the lower left there is a button in the shape of a globe or simply a round one with a network. If you leave it pressed for more than a second, it will open the keyboard selection menu.


On iPhone

This is a single method, and for this you will need to enter the settings of your iPhone. Unlike the android, to access quickly you have to upload the iOS menu that is at the bottom of the screen. In this you will also find the very recognizable logo of the sprocket or gear.

When you are in settings, you will have to go to the “general” section. When you go down, you will see that in this same you can see the option “Keyboards”. In this menu we can see which ones we have installed. These can be downloaded through the Apple Appstore .

Now, once you have the keyboard that you like the most on your device, you will be able to change the language at your own will as you wish. This is one of the fastest processes in all of WhatsApp.

How to change the language of the WhatsApp keyboard easily

This is very important, because when you speak with people who do not have the same mother tongue, communication becomes difficult . That is why several people go to the extreme of automatically translating conversations on WhatsApp.

Changing the keyboard language is an incredibly fast process, since it can be done without going into settings.

Change keyboard language on Android

To do this, we will need to access a conversation on our WhatsApp. When we hit the white bar to write the message, you will see how the keyboard is displayed. If you look closely, next to the space bar there is a button that looks like a balloon with several stripes. If you leave it pressed, as when you want to change the keyboard, the options will appear. However, you can also see how a specific language comes out for each keyboard. 

This method is very easy to follow, and it is very easy to see how important it is. However, if you can identify that your keyboard is not the original one from your Android and it is not SwiftKey either, you may have the Google keyboard. The method to change the language of the Gboard keyboard is still very easy despite the differences with its competition.

Change keyboard language on iPhone

To change the language of the iPhone if you are going to have to access the options, following the same steps that were given above. You will have to access the general settings, and if you go down low enough you will see the “Keyboards” option. When you click on it, you will see all the keyboards that you have downloaded to your phone including their languages. To change the language, simply choose a different one than the one you already have or you can create a new keyboard with a specific language.

When you want to change the language of the application, you need to open WhatsApp. Then, you will click the button that has three stacked points. A menu will be displayed and in the last option of all it says “Options” or “settings”.

When you access this menu, you will see another option that says “chats”. When you click on it, a section opens in which you can access the “Application language” option. Once there you can choose the language you want.

On the PC or with WhatsApp Web

In this terminal, WhatsApp cannot change the language. In case your computer has your WhatsApp linked, it will show the same language as your phone, so if you want to change the language of WhatsApp Web, you will also have to change the language of your phone.

Learn to change the language of the keyboard checker too

It is important that you know that the Autocorrect can be a tool that can sometimes hinder the speed with which you write, because if it is not configured in the correct language it can cause many words to be changed for those that are written in a similar way in the another language. Many times people do not realize that they have the AutoCorrect in English, however, they write in Spanish.

To fix this we are going to separate the method for Android and iPhone:


On Android

You will access the options menu with the same methods that we explained above. Then you will go down until you get an option that says “System”. Click it and it will take you to another section whose first option is called “language and text input”. 

When you press it, you will enter a section in which you can get the “spell checker” option at the bottom. Click it and it will open a menu in which you will see the “language” option. This is where you put the language you want.

On iPhone:

This is a much easier method, because the Autocorrector in IOS is strictly tied to the parameters of the language of the same. That is why in this case, the Autocorrector cannot be confused, because if your keyboard is in Spanish, all the corrections will be in this language. To change it, you must click the button that looks like a small world that is located to the right of your keyboard. Every time you press it it gives you a new language. You must press it until you get the language you want.

Finally, there will always be options for everyone, of all kinds, so if you consider that WhatsApp is not for you, you can always go to other messaging applications , but if there is something that is an absolute truth, it is that WhatsApp is the leader in this market .

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