How to hide followers and followed list on Instagram

In general, under current trends many of us have seen or even directly own an account on Instagram . This is an entertainment and advertising social network that belongs to the renowned Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook and WhatsApp.

Through this platform we can stay informed and consume or appreciate the content of different people, accounts or brands that constantly publish. Nowadays, Instagram allows us to post images, short and long videos (IGTV), GIFS, share stories on Facebook, etc., all of this by having access with a respective username and password.

On the other hand, it can be said that it is also possible to access the app from multiple devices , be they desktop or personal computers, as well as mobile phones and tablets, so that there is a greater number of users connected to this network. It is also possible to have two or more accounts open from the same cell phone .

However, when creating our profile we can make some configurations in a personalized way , which are highly liked by themselves. A widely used modification is to keep our accounts private, which can be done easily from the moment the account is created or this change can also be made later.

In addition to placing your private account, Instagram offers you a wide variety of options to customize your account to your liking, such as blocking a user, changing the location of your country, placing some chats as secondary, among others, additionally, only if If you have a verified account, you can hide the list of those you follow (followed) and the list of those who follow you (followers).

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  1. What is the difference between the follower list and the followed list
  2. Where is the option to hide the lists of followers and followed?
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Select configuration
    3. Select Account
    4. Activate ‘Hide who you follow’
    5. Activate ‘Hide followers’
  3. How to prevent a follower from seeing my activity on Instagram
  4. Can other people know who I follow on Instagram?
  5. How can I make my Instagram account private
  6. Verify your account to hide your followers or those you follow

What is the difference between the follower list and the followed list

The difference is simple: the list of followers is the section where we can see which people follow us, see our content and the public information of our profile; While, the following list is the one where all the profiles of people we follow , of whom we consume content and see public information are found.

Both lists can be viewed on our profile, by clicking on ‘Followers’ and ‘Following’.

Where is the option to hide the lists of followers and followed?

Currently, Instagram does not have a certain option to hide the lists of followers and followed; however, there are alternatives to be able to achieve this task.

You can, first of all, make your account private ; in this way, immediately your follower and following lists are no longer visible to those who do not follow you. If you want to hide your lists from someone specific, then having already executed the previous action, you can remove this person from your friends, and thus they will no longer be able to see your lists, nor your publications or stories.

Go to Settings

The Instagram Settings are found in two sections. ‘Edit profile’, which is where we have how to configure the presentation of our profile ; and, on the other hand, the most general configuration, which is found in the three stripes in the upper right part of the screen.

Select configuration

We just have to enter our profile, press the three lines in the upper right corner , and a window will open; At the end of this, at the bottom we find the option ‘Settings’.

Select Account

To go to this section, we simply follow the steps of selecting settings. Once we enter, among all the options, we can find ‘Account’.

Activate ‘Hide who you follow’

In order to perform this function of the app, you must also have a verified account, so that otherwise it will not be possible to make the change. Once your account has been verified, it is necessary to comply with the instructions given below:

  1. From your verified account profile, you must go to settings
  2. Select the accountoption and enter
  3. Here you look for the option to hide who I follow
  4. Finally you press this function and it will immediately be activated

Activate ‘Hide followers’

This is a very common option that the application allows you, you must be sure to do it and have a verified account , otherwise you will not be able to do it. Here we will indicate the step by step that you must follow to carry out this action from your profile:

  1. Login to verified account
  2. Go to the settingsmenu
  3. You must select the Accountoption
  4. Once inside, you can see the option to hide followers
  5. Click there and the action is automatically carried out

The two options that were given above will be applied for as long as you wish, you can also reverse the process if you wish, just by performing the same procedure, only this time it would be to let those who browse your profile see the accounts that you have. those you follow are already following.

This option is applied by many users because they consider that it is necessary to prevent others from taking a look at your profile, knowing about your tastes or even family, because this type of information is generally protected from accounts with great scope and that are recognized by many people or are also brands.

How to prevent a follower from seeing my activity on Instagram

There is no option to hide your Instagram activity from a specific follower; however, it can be hidden so that it is no longer public.

We will go to our Instagram profile and select the three stripes in the upper right. This will open a window with several options , we are going to click on ‘Settings’.

Once the settings are opened, in the ‘Interactions’ state, we go to ‘Activity status’ . Here we will have the option to ‘Show activity status’ which we will deactivate, and thus, it will no longer be public.

As a last option, if you want to hide your activity and information from a specific profile, you can restrict it (only you will see its comments and the chat will be found in message requests), or, as a more extreme option, block it directly.

Can other people know who I follow on Instagram?

If your account is public, anyone who has access to enter your profile can see both your list of followers and followed. Instagram doesn’t yet have an option to hide either list for public accounts; however, if your account is private, no one who has not accepted a follow request can see your posts or follower and followed lists.

How can I make my Instagram account private

It does not require many steps, it is a very simple process that consists of:

  1. Enter our profile and we go to the three lines in the upper right corner.
  2. Let’s go to ‘Settings’.
  3. We select ‘Privacy’
  4. In ‘Account privacy’, we can see the option of ‘Private account’, we activate it and we will get a pop-up window that indicates the conditions of this decision; click on ‘Change to a private account’, and so we finish.

Verify your account to hide your followers or those you follow

To carry out this verification, it is first necessary to have at hand a series of requirements that the system of the social network itself will request, which are given below: name of your account; full name (names and surnames) and; identity document (DNI).

After having these collections, you will be able to make this request from your account so that your account is verified, for this you must be in your profile, then you must click on the three points, then click on the “account settings” option.

While there, enter the account section so that you can see the option that says “account verification”; This is where you must enter the data requested in advance, fill them out and send them. Once the requirements have been sent, you must wait for a response from the system itself. This approval tends to take between 24 and 72 consecutive hours , but sometimes it can take a little longer.

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