How to change the IP of a D-Link router

Every router has an IP that is assigned by the manufacturer. However, if there is a need, for example, for two devices to function in the same subnet, their IPs must be different. That is why router users sometimes need to change the Internet protocol of one of two identical devices. How to implement this – the article tells. It contains instructions for changing such an address manually using the example of a device from D-Link.

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Entering the router settings via an Internet browser

The IP can be changed through the menu, which gives access to the settings. Before entering the parameters of the device, you need to connect it to a computer or laptop.
Use a LAN cable to connect a network device to a PC. After connecting, you need to turn on the computer. Then you should open any convenient browser and enter the standard IP address of the device manufactured by D-Link –

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  1. After entering the standard IP router, you can see the account window on the monitor. To log in, you need:
  2. In the line for the login, enter “admin” – this is the username specified by the manufacturer.
  3. Drive the password into the next line: the same as the login.

Confirm by clicking “Login”.

If the device is connected as it should, but it was not possible to log in, you can reset all settings to the factory settings:

  • Press “Reset” on the D-Link case for 15 seconds (this is such a small button recessed into the case, which is more convenient to press with a special needle).
  • The device will reboot, the settings will be reset: you can re-enter the classic account data.

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Assigning the desired value to the IP address

It was possible to enter the parameters. Now you can change the ip. How to do it – in the table.

How to change the IP address on a D-Link router
In the top tab Select “SETUP” – “LAN setup”
In the “Router setting” (located in the center of the window) Select “Router IP address”.
In the line “Router IP address” Enter the new IP address of the router.

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Saving changes made

After changing the IP of the D-Link router, the main thing is not to forget to save everything that the user has done. After that, two identical models of the device will be able to operate on the same subnet. Each of the devices will have its own network address.

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As you can see, changing the IP router is a short-lived and not at all difficult task. By the way, this manual will work for routers manufactured by other companies as well. Minor differences can only be found in the location and name of the sections in the settings menu. However, it will be possible to understand everything on an intuitive level.

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