How to change the attributes of a read-only hard drive in Windows

Sometimes, we cannot store any files on our hard drive due to a change in the permissions of the unit. In these cases, it is essential to access the disk properly to change its attributes. We recommend reading this article with which you will learn  How to change the attributes of a read-only hard disk in Windows

What is the read-only attribute?

The read-only attribute is a feature that Windows assigns to files and drives. There are also read-only ROMs for writing binary information and other hardware components with this attribute. Therefore, when a drive is “Read Only” it means that it can be opened and read but cannot be modified, deleted or renamed.

What is the Diskpart command?

Diskpart is a utility that we can run in Windows for disk management . Diskpart works as an advanced management tool and consists of a series of commands that allow you to list disks, partitions, and volumes.

All functions that Diskpart executes require a command prompt . Therefore, this command cannot be used from the conventional Windows interface. However, Apple users can also change the permissions of a hard drive on a Mac using the options offered by the same MacOS system.

How to change the attributes of a read-only hard drive in Windows

If you want to change the attributes of a read-only hard disk, it is essential that you execute a series of steps focused on modifying the properties of the disk through the Windows system interface or through the use of the command console for this. OS.

Make sure you are logged in as “Administrator” user

First, you need to log into your PC using an administrator account . In this way, you will be able to access the permissions and modify the attributes of the hard disk without any obstacle or limitation.

Enter the properties of the hard drive

One way to change the attributes of a read-only hard disk is to access the properties of this component . To do this, go to “This computer” and locate the local hard drive on which you want to modify its attributes.

Change hard drive attributes from read-only

Press the right mouse button and click “Properties.” You will see a new window that is identified as “Local disk properties . ” There, you must locate and click on the “Security” tab located at the top.

Press the “Edit” button and, in the new editing window, uncheck the “Reading” box. Then click “Apply” and “OK.” In this way, you will be able to change the attributes of the hard disk from Windows as an administrator user.

Enter the Windows command console

Do you know what it is, what it is for and how to use the CMD prompt? If so, then take advantage of this alternative to change the attributes of a read-only hard drive in Windows. First, access the command console, type “cmd” without quotes in the search box (the magnifying glass icon) that you will find on the taskbar.

Then, right-click on “Command Prompt” and click “Run as administrator.” Consequently, a new window will open corresponding to the Windows system command console.

Use command console to change hard drive attributes read-only in Windows

It is time to use the commands to modify the attributes of your hard disk . To do this, type diskpart and hit the “Enter” key. Wait a second while you access the tool.

Then type list disk and hit “Enter.” With this command you can see the list of disks on your PC. Each of them is identified as “Disk #” or “Disk #” . Select disk 0 using the command “select disk 0” (without the quotes). You will see the message “disk 0 is now the selected disk”.

Check and modify attributes from cmd

Type the command “attributes disk” and hit the “Enter” key. With this statement you can verify the attributes of the hard disk . Then type “attributes disk clear readonly” and press “Enter.” The system will show you the message “Disk attributes cleared successfully.”

Finally, type “Exit” and press the “Enter” key in order to exit and close the Windows system command console.


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