How to project my PC on TV to view a PowerPoint presentation

An advantage of using the TV to project a PowerPoint presentation is that you can access a larger screen so you can better see the content of the slides. Fortunately, you can easily carry out the procedure since in this article we explain how to project my PC on TV to watch a PowerPoint presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint files

PowerPoint files are considered as a certain template for projecting presentations . These integrate a set of slides in which we can add images, texts, data, multimedia files and hyperlinks to move to other locations or between each slide. These files can be opened and edited from Microsoft PowerPoint in the Office suite. Although it is also possible to open a PowerPoint .pptx file online for free .

What is VGA?

VGA stands for “Video Graphics Array” and refers to a graphics system that involves a fifteen-pin port found on graphics cards, monitors, and projectors. VGA is also related to the standard analog display and the 640 x 480 resolution.

How to project my PC on TV to view a PowerPoint presentation

There are several alternatives for projecting your PC on TV and viewing a PowerPoint presentation. Each of them depends on the characteristics of the components you have and the tools available. Next, we explain a simple procedure to project your slides from your PC on the TV.

Identify the outputs of your PC

Frequently, the motherboards of any PC have a video output for television monitors or video projectors. Even if you have a video card, you will notice that it has its own video slot which is located on the back of your computer.

This slot is known as the VGA output and is very common in desktop and laptop computers. Some modern laptops have an HDMI output connection . Therefore, it is possible to completely connect a laptop screen to the TV and with a high resolution.

Identify the TV inputs

Once you have identified the output of your PC, it is necessary that you verify if any of the video inputs of the TV is compatible with the video slot of your equipment. If your computer has a VGA output, then your PC must have this slot for you to connect .

With a VGA cable you can project the PC on the TV to watch a PowerPoint presentation

Once you have identified the video output and have verified its compatibility, locate a VGA cable that allows you to link the two computers.

Connect the VGA cable to the output of the PC correctly ensuring it. Then, do the same process on the video input of your TV.

Access your TV options

When you have connected the PC and the TV using the VGA cable, make sure to activate the VGA channel of your TV . To do this, access the component options and select the “VGA Channel” in the “Input” functions of the screen.

Configure your PC from Windows

From the interface of your Windows 10 system, access “Settings” from the start menu. Once you enter this menu, click on the “System” section and select the “Display” option found on the left side of the panel.

In the right part of the window, you will see options to “Customize screen”. Click “Detect” for the system to identify your TV screen . The number 1 that refers to the screen of your PC and the number 2 that identifies the screen of your TV will appear. Therefore, choose screen number 2.

Modify screen options

To modify the display options, click on “Advanced display settings” and in the new window, configure the text size, color calibration and other functions that you need to project a good image on your TV screen.

Open the PowerPoint presentation to project the image on the TV

Finally, open your PowerPoint presentation and press the “F5” key so that you can view each of the slides in full screen. Thus, the content of the presentation will be projected immediately on your TV. To increase the quality of the presentation you can create a 3D effect in PowerPoint and in this way you will take even more advantage of viewing on TV.


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