How to create a PDF file with an expiration date and cannot be printed

The security of PDF files serves to prevent the extraction of the contents. In this sense, it is essential to choose tools that allow us to protect our documents. We recommend reading this article with which you will learn How to create a PDF file with an expiration date and cannot be printed

What is the PDF format?

PDF stands for “Portable Document Format” and is commonly used to view file content independently of your computer.

It is important to note that there are specific applications to open, edit and convert PDF files on a PC These allow adding a level of security to documents such as restrictions for printing and / or information extraction.

The “Nitro Pro” editing tool

Nitro Pro is an application that allows you to create and edit files in the PDF format . Previously, this program was known as “Nitro PDF Professional” and is currently very popular for its different functionalities.

Nitro Pro is software for personal and professional use. This program is compatible with Windows and allows you to handle several PDF files at the same time. In addition, it adds the Adobe Acrobat tool and facilitates the creation of a digital signature as well as the ID certification.

How to create a PDF file with an expiration date and cannot be printed

If you want to create a PDF file with an expiration date and also add the option to prevent printing, you can use a PDF security tool for Adobe Acrobat Reader or Nitro Pro software. Then, you can change the default PDF reader in Windows according to your preferences . We invite you to follow all the steps that we explain below.

Download a PDF security tool for Adobe Acrobat

First, you need to download a PDF security tool in its free trial version . To do this, open the Acrobat Reader application and click on “Tools.” Then, locate the option “Protect” and press the “Add” button. Immediately, the official Adobe website will open.

Establish a username and password and proceed to download the free version of the protection tool so that you can modify the security options from the Acrobat Reader program .

Manage PDF file security options

Select the “Browse” option and choose the PDF file on your hard drive. Then, click the “OK” button. Choose the security options of your preference and check the “Expiration date settings”. Use the calendar to indicate the date and check the “Use password” box. Thus, you can put a password to the PDF so that it cannot be modified .

Make sure to uncheck the “Allow Printing” box to prevent the PDF file from printing . Then, press the “Create” button. In this way, you will be able to create a PDF file with the expiration date and the blocking of its printing. Make sure to set Adobe Reader PDF as the default reader to be able to automatically open the file from this application.

Download the Nitro Pro tool

Another alternative to create a PDF file with an expiration date and with the printing restriction is the Nitro Pro program. You can download this application from the official website of gonitro .

Once you download the installation package to your computer, run the Nitro Pro installation file and wait a few seconds for the program to install on your system.

Use the Nitro Pro program

Open the Nitro Pro application from Windows. You will see an interface that contains different options on the toolbar. Click “File” and locate the PDF file on your hard drive. Select the document you want to protect and press the “Open” button.

Set a password to edit the PDF file

Access the “Protect” tab and then “Password security”. Check the box “Require a password to change security settings.” Two text boxes will be activated in order to set a password and confirm it .

In the option “Printing allowed” select “None” and press the “Finish” button. Thus, other users will not be able to print the PDF file you created.

Set the expiration date

Choose the tab “Protect” and then “Certificate Security . ” Thus, you can manage the stamp settings with the digital date and time to establish the expiration of the certificate. Finally, press “OK” and verify the changes from the security properties.


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