How to change Roblox language

If you made a mistake when installing the game or you are learning a new language, we will tell you how to change the language of Roblox easily to understand the menus or practice in your studies

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Roblox continues to add worlds, universes and thousands of games to its catalog of multiple possibilities. If you want to enjoy it in your language or want to practice another, we will tell you how to change the language of Roblox easily at any time of the game … and for free

How to change Roblox language easily

It is possible that when you did the account you got confused, or that you want to take advantage of the fact that you are studying a new language to put the game in that language and thus practice. The more languages ​​you learn, the better you will do in the future , that’s right. but here we are to learn how to change language on Roblox, let’s get to it.

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To change the language of the game you just have to go to the main menu and look for the settings option. If you are playing in English, all you have to do is open the drop-down menu of the three ellipsis and click Settings. Once there, go to Account Info and look for the language icon to choose Spanish or whatever you are looking for.

Unchangeable languages

Be careful, it is very important that you understand that even if you change the language of the game to Spanish or whatever language it is, this does not affect all Roblox games, worlds and universes . Some games will be in a single language , generally English, and others allow changing the language but within these games in separate menus.

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