How to change camera on Roblox

If you want to explore new points of view or enjoy a new approach to the game, we will tell you how to change the camera in Roblox easily to move from one plane to another or modify the distance

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Thousands of games keep coming to Roblox in the form of worlds, universes, and fun experiences for all players. If you want to enjoy them to the fullest, appreciating every little detail with luxury, today we tell you how to change the camera in Roblox easily .

How to change camera on Roblox easily

After telling you how to change the language of Roblox easily and bringing you our Roblox guide : how to change account, password and date of birth , today we take another step and help you with the focus, the types of camera and how to change it so that you feel more comfortable with it.

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The best thing to start is that you enter the settings menu and enter the camera options to understand how it works on each gaming platform. There you can choose between classic mode, which fixes the camera at a point, letting the player move it, and the more comfortable follow mode, which follows the avatar and allows you to move it with the mouse, your finger or the sticks of the controller. .

Gestures and keys to switch cameras

On a computer, it is very easy to change cameras on Roblox . Just use the siwft key to switch from one mode to another. You can also move the focus point of the character by holding down the right mouse button and moving it until you reach the right one.

On consoles it is very important that you leave the follow mode and use the stick to move the camera as is traditional in this type of game. On mobile, you can use gestures to move the focus, although it is more comfortable to let it go and use drag to move the camera.


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