How to change hands in Minecraft?

Minecraft has become one of the best games in the world  and has a large number of players after more than ten years since its release. This is due to its very fun and innovative gameplay, which allows you to have a lot of games, and also ensures that none will be the same if you fall into Lava.

Learning the tricks of this game is quite important if you want to take advantage of it, and you can do it by downloading Minecraft on your Android or iOS mobile device . In the following article we will show you one of the best tricks of the game, placing an object in each hand without Java, on mobile, mobile phone, Android and PC with Wi-Fi.

How to use the left or secondary hand in MINECRAFT?

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  1. What are the objects that can be changed hands in Minecraft?
  2. What is needed to be able to use the second-hand mod in Minecraft?
  3. How to change hands in Minecraft?
    1. Using Minecraft bedrock
    2. Steps to change hands in PlayStation Minecraft
    3. How to change the hand of Minecraft from my mobile?
  4. Is it possible to activate the left hand of Minecraft from the computer?
  5. What should you do before using your off hand in this game?
    1. on a PC
    2. Con la PlayStation 4
    3. From the phone

What are the objects that can be changed hands in Minecraft?

This mechanic is fairly recent in the game, having appeared in newer versions of the game  , and it offers the player the ability to hold two items or blocks in each hand simultaneously. Although we can use all kinds of objects, the tools will not be able to break blocks using the left hand.

In the left hand of the character, as with the right, you can put any type of objects . But with this you will not be able to perform some actions such as breaking blocks or hitting enemies. There are combinations that can help you a lot in exploring your world.

How to put torches in your second hand on Android cell phone. So you can make a way to find your house if you get lost in Minecraft Bedrock.  The way this mechanic works is by leaving the right-click action button to use the item you’re holding in your left hand , in a way that complements whatever you’re holding in your right hand.

To understand it much better, when we have a sword in the right or main hand, and a shield in the left or secondary hand, we can use the right click to cover ourselves with the shield , and the left click to attack with the sword.

What is needed to be able to use the second-hand mod in Minecraft?

Currently, a Mod is not necessary in order to run and use this option, be it on mobile, Android Studio, Xbox One, PS4 and among others. Well, the company that launches the updates has been in charge of putting this improvement in for some time now. In this way, players do not use Java or mod, in order to change hands and activate the left hand.

How to change hands in Minecraft?

Within the options that are available, players can make the exchange of hands quickly. Without the need for Java or mod, wherever you are playing you will be able to activate the left hand on your cell phone, Xbox One and PS4 and other mobile phone devices.

Using Minecraft bedrock

When it comes to mobile phone version, Bedrock is the one for you. You can play it with Wi-Fi and in real time. With Android Studio, everything is possible. Well, if you want to use and activate your left hand, just open your inventory and place something in that slot. In this way, both hands are enabled at the same time.

Steps to change hands in PlayStation Minecraft

You can both place a Mod, and configure the controls so you can change hands and put a torch or shield. Within the options of the Minecraft, PS4 and Xbox One game controller , without the need for Java, you can activate the left hand. Both with a button on the controller, and by placing something from the inventory. Either the normal version, or the Bedrock

How to change the hand of Minecraft from my mobile?

If you are one of those who play the version of Android Studio, Bedrock on mobile phones, there are applications and mods that make it easier . However, it all depends on the update you are using. Since in the new ones you can modify the button, and without java and on the cell phone put two hands.

Is it possible to activate the left hand of Minecraft from the computer?

Using the ‘F’ key, you will be able to activate both hands in the latest version of the game or in Bedrock. Without the need of java or Mod. The game gives you the option to do it.

What should you do before using your off hand in this game?

Something fundamental is that some objects will not be able to fulfill the adequate function in the left hand. Since the main hand has priority in the game. So the secondary hand will be of great help when we want to use objects that suit it. Some of these items that work well in the left hand are Ender Pearls, Compass, Torches, and Shield.

It is important in combat, since the arrows you carry in your left hand will take precedence . So you can equip arrows and use them in combat. Another tip is that of the shields, although they can also be used with the right hand.

It is best to carry it in the secondary, so you can cover yourself with your left hand and attack with your main hand. This is relevant if you want to avoid losing all your items when dying in Minecraft or falling into Lava.

Similarly, if you are not comfortable with the default settings, you can also customize this aspect in the game menu by pressing the Esc key . There you can choose which hand you want to be the main and which you want to be the secondary.

How is the left hand used in Minecraft to hold objects?

It is important to remember that this function is available in recent mobile game applications. Therefore, if you do not have a compatible version, you will not be able to access these functions. To have a more recent version of Minecraft Bedrock you can download it from its official site in your browser , or by clicking on the update option in your launcher with Java.

Now that you have a version with the off-hand option available, there are several ways you can equip your desired items to your left hand, and the procedure will depend on the platform you’re playing on. Here’s a simple example on your Android computer, console, or mobile device.

on a PC

The first thing you need to do is press the E key to access your inventory , there you will see all the items you can equip. Once you have opened, you will need to place the item you wish to put into your left hand. In the space with the shield icon next to the armor options.

Now you just have to press E and you will notice that the object you selected will now be in your left hand.

Players can equip any item in the left hand slot by accessing the inventory, similar to equipping armor. But if you want to quickly put an item in your left hand, or just switch hands with said item, you can select the box it’s in and press F to automatically equip it.

Con la PlayStation 4

To carry objects in the left hand on console there are certain limitations. Since we can only carry certain items, some of these are the arrows, the shield, the totem of immortality and maps. On console you will not be able to place other objects in your second hand like in the computer version of Minecraft bedrock and on mobile.

The left hand in the Play Station 4, we must press triangle to open the inventory, and select the object and applications with X. We will put the object in the box with the shield icon that is next to the armor options. By pressing triangle you will be able to see the object in your left hand.

From the phone

In its latest Pocket Edition version updates, we will now be able to use the left hand in the game with Wi-Fi on your Android mobile phone. To do this, we must open the inventory, and we can place the object that we want to put in the left hand in the box that is below the armor options. This without java on mobile.


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