How to bind a change of hands in CS: GO

We will tell you how to set up a change of hands in a multiplayer team shooter using the console line

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer team first-person shooter in which players are divided into two sides of the conflict – cops and terrorists. The game by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, which replaced the famous CS 1.6 .

If you look at any online or offline shooter, it is easy to see that by default the weapon in the hands of the protagonist is on the right side, lies on the right hand and is supported by the barrel with the left. This is the standard solution many are used to. But in most shooters, hand switching is supported, and this is due not only to the fact that the player may be left-handed (in fact, many left-handers get used to it and shoot from the right hand). This measure allows you to diversify the tactics and strategy of the battle. It is unlikely that you will be able to successfully use the right side of the doorway while holding the weapon in your right hand. In this case, you will have to significantly look out from behind the shelter, and this is fraught with being hit by a stray bullet. Therefore, if you want to surprise your opponent, you must first perform a change of hands. We will talk about this in our material.

Weapon in right hand

How to bind a change of hands in CS: GO

The easiest way to change hands in the game without unnecessary settings is to use the console line. To get started, start the game and go to settings by clicking on the “gear” at the left edge of the screen. After that, go to the “Game” tab and find the item “Enable developer console” there. Set the value “Yes” opposite it. Now you can activate the console by pressing the ~ or “Ё” key in the Russian layout. In the same settings, on the “Keyboard and Mouse” tab, look for the item that allows you to pin another key to call the developer console.

After that, opening the developer console, enter one of the two commands below and press Enter :

  • cl_righthand 1 – the character will hold a weapon in his right hand
  • cl_righthand 0 – the character will hold a weapon in his left hand

Weapon in the left hand

How to bind a change of hands to a key in CS: GO

If you don’t want to bother with the developer’s console, which is very inconvenient when you need to quickly change hands, you will have to bind this function through the keys – put one key under the transition to the left hand, the other to return to the right.

To do this, open the developer console, enter the following commands:

  • bind “L” “cl_righthand 0” – now when you press the Lkey you will switch to the weapon in the left hand.
  • bind “K” “cl_righthand 1” – when you press K, theweapon will go to the right hand.

And if you want to set the change of hands through one key, enter the following command:

  • bind “L” “toggle cl_righthand 0 1” – the Lkey will be used to change hands. The first press will switch the weapon to the left hand, the second to the right, and so on.

To disable the specified bindings, enter in the console line:

  • unbind “L” and unbind “K”.

Note . You can use any key you like or convenient. Just replace L or K with it

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