How to change files from REM extension to Mp3?

The file REM extension are those audio files that are produced when we use a device Blackbery .

It is very common for some large companies to try to retain their users by making it compatible when they use their material on devices from other brands. This type of file to open it on another device, you need to go through a certain process to reach it.

If incompatibility occurs while using an audio file created in Blackberry on another device, you can try a number of measures to fix it.

This is because the extension of audio files created in Blackberry is REM. While the most common generally used for audio files is MP3 .

The file REM are encoded by means of a Blackberry device and can also be decoded with it. After being decrypted, the files can be transferred to a computer and managed as usual.

The basic format of these files is of the type “name.extension.rem”. That is, if it were a JPG file, the name of the encoded version is of the type “name.jpg.rem”.

Blackberry devices use an algorithm that generates random keys in order to encrypt the file and store it in the device’s RAM.

Steps to transfer files from REM extension to Mp3

1- First connect the Blackberry device to the computer via a USB connection , or another option is to remove the memory card from the Blackberry device and insert it into the corresponding slot on the PC.

2- Log into your computer with your Blackberry files and search for the files you want to convert to Mp3 . These files will specifically have the following structure (filename) .mp3.rem. Make a copy of those files.

3- After copying the files with the mp3.rem extension right click on it. From the menu that will appear on the screen, choose the “Rename” option. When renaming the file, it then removes the REM termination. From that moment it would be normal for the file to play on your PC in a normal way, and you can also listen to it on any device that plays MP3 files.

4- If the above option doesn’t work for you, you can search for an audio converter program, download it, run it and look for if it recognizes a file with REM termination. If no REM file is displayed, it means that this converter does not work for that type of file and you need to continue testing.

These two conversion ways will help you play REM files on any device, all you need to do is finally pass the converted files to your current devices to enjoy them.

Yes, after these two ways to convert REM files to Mp3 , you still can’t play the file on any device.

You can search again and install an application that can open the REM file in the original format (without conversion to mp3).

This solution will be more complicated but will provide a better result.


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