How to easily connect MirrorLink

If you usually read all of our articles, you will surely remember that at the time we were talking a little about MirrorLink compatible phones. The truth is that although this was fine, many users have asked us for a lot more information about it.

What you need to keep in mind about it is that in this article we will teach you how to connect MirrorLink in a simple way, how to do it in minutes . Obviously, you must have a mobile with Android 2.3.1 or later.

Connect MirrorLink

  • Grab your Android mobile device and go to Settings, Developer Options, Enable USB Debugging. If you have not activated them, you have to go to Settings, About phone and press several times on Build number until they are finally enabled
  • When USB debugging is enabled, connect the USB cable to the mobile phone
  • Click on MagicLink in the car stereo menu, which is distinguished by a green icon such as an M
  • Then give the option to install
  • And then to agree
  • It will tell you to connect the USB, so you will need to click Install again

My mobile does not connect with MirrorLink, solution

Well, unfortunately we have to say that many users have encountered problems related to the functioning of MirrorLink. And that is why we will try to fix those problems to connect mobile with MirrorLink, basically if you see it not working or not responding. The drawbacks in this sense usually have to do with two specific possibilities. The data cable is not compatible or the mobile phone in question is not compatible .

If you have verified that both problems are correct, you must consider that there should be no problems. We then follow what follows and is that MagicLink must be installed on the smartphone. What you need to do is open the application, just like any other. Then, activate the system from the same application and you will see that you can manage everything via WiFi or USB, although of course we recommend WiFi . Enable WiFi from the car and both systems will be connected.

As you can see, all the previous process that allows us to use MirrorLink and therefore MagicLink, is really simple and it will not take you more than a few minutes to be able to control your car computer directly from your mobile in a simple, safe and very fast way. . Anyway, as we always say in this type of tutorial that they are not that usual, any questions you have about it just have to ask us and we will try to give you all the answers you might need.


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