How to optimize the speed of my 4G network?

Although the 4G network is one of the fastest on the market , there may be situations where this connection loses its efficiency. This is because there are many factors involved in making this signal reach your different mobile devices.

Among some of these cases, there may be technical failures with your service provider. There may also be environmental circumstances that affect the sending and receiving of network data. But sometimes, none of these are the real reason but a bad setup on your smartphone . At times when this happens, we can try to solve this problem through specialized software to optimize networks . So, you have reached the guidance you need if you find yourself in this situation or a similar one.

In this guide, you will quickly learn how to optimize your 4G speed You just have to follow the instructions that we will express below. And in the end you will have all the necessary knowledge to use the software (or applications) that you may need to improve your connection with 4G .

How to optimize the speed of my 4G network

To improve the connection speed of our smartphone, we will rely on an application. In this way, we will have to access our app store. Therefore, if we use Android as an operating system, we access the Play Store .

Once in the application store, we will have to enter the same in the search engine: ” Internet Speed ​​Master “. A long list of applications that match these words we entered will appear. The next thing we will do is click on the first available option and we will enter the application information page. While here, we will click on the ” Install ” button , this will cause the application store to start its fully automatic process.

So and after the application store has downloaded and installed the Internet Speed ​​Master app, we will need to access it . To do this, we will enter our application list and look for the app that will help us improve our connection. Inside the application, we will see 3 options, the first is the one that will bring it back to its initial state in case you want to undo a change. Now, the other two options are set for those users who have root on their phone.

In this case, you will have to press the second available option to improve the connection of your device. Now, if you don’t know what a root is, it means that you are not really a root user. Therefore, it is up to you to press the last available option.

And presto !, You’ve done these steps to boost your network connection speed. However, it should be added that there is a possibility that there is no improvement in the connection. In this case, you will need to contact your carrier or telephone service provider.


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